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Program Overview

Because Every C-Suite Needs a Doctor

Prescribe powerful business solutions with the Fox Executive DBA program.

Expand your decision-making abilities and gain new perspectives on everyday business challenges. The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration is a part-time, three-year program designed to equip senior managers and executives with the power to transform today’s business environment. Through the tools of applied theory and research, the Fox Executive DBA prepares you to approach problems as an evidence-based manager—and a thought leader in your field.

You’ll enhance your managerial and leadership skills far beyond your MBA. Backed by the research-focused educational excellence of Fox, the Executive DBA program connects academic exploration to real-world practice. Learn to rigorously test assumptions, compare alternative solutions, and assess the success of corporate initiatives alongside our highly distinguished faculty—and develop the skills to address complex and practical business challenges.

The Fox Executive DBA At A Glance

  • 3 year, part-time, cohort program
  • Six weekend on-campus residencies per year, for the first two years only
  • Residencies supplemented with online sessions
  • Dissertation completed during third year

Program Features

  • Engage in academically rigorous and practice-focused business research from the AACSB-accredited Fox School of Business.
  • Learn how to conceptualize and investigate complex business problems.
  • Develop a program of research tailored to your background and career goals.
  • Receive personalized mentorship from Executive DBA faculty as you progress through your coursework and develop your individual program of research.
  • Receive your Doctor of Business Administration in three years with a structure tailored to executives, delivered through a limited number of on-campus residencies, and supplemented with online courses and collaboration.

Program Benefits

  • For you: Enhance your personal and professional development by fueling your research curiosity, teaching you new tools for understanding organizational systems and preparing you to address the unique challenges and opportunities of today s business environment.
  • For your company: New perspectives and problem-solving skills to enhance your company s managerial decision-making through rigorous testing of assumptions, comparative solutions and successful assessments of corporate initiatives.

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