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The tools you need.

The certification you want.

Win a CompTIA certification when you register

for a free trial of Skillsoft’s IT collections

The Global Leader

We train more professionals than any other company in the world.

400 million users, one billion learning modules and counting.

Hack the System

Turn your IT job into an IT career

Trusted by the world’s leading enterprise organizations

Business partners

We support 0

customers and over half of the Fortune 500.

Our compliance training protects over 1,000 organizations.

See the Skillsoft difference

Business partners

Breadth of Content

120,000 pieces of content, including over 7,000 courses, 65,000 videos, and 46,000 book options and counting.

Business partners

Depth of Content

All aspects of eLearning covered including BusinessВ SkillsВ Leadership, ITВ SkillsВ Certification, DigitalВ SkillsВ Compliance.

Business partners

Customer is #1

Award winning customer service with exceptional customer loyalty. 94% of users say they’d recommend Skillsoft.

Business partners

Results Oriented

Proven track record for business impact and ROI. 86% of end users apply what they learn in 6 weeks or less.

Innovation Drives Performance

Skillsoft isn’t just the global leader in elearning. We’re also thought leaders for

everything LMS related to help your business improve and grow.

Business partners

Getting Results through Personal Power: Topic 1

Women are transforming the modern day workforce

Carry your classroom in your pocket

Business partners

Driving Business Results

For Sprint Skillsoft provides a cost benefit ratio that is 5 times higher than classroom training.

By adapting and aligning targeted learning solutions, Skillsoft was able to improve effectiveness and performance in over 37,000 employees.

Business partners Business partners

Business partners

Delivering Cost Savings

U.S. Army experience $330 million dollars in cost avoidance.

Skillsoft provided professional development opportunities and mandatory certification to nearly 1 million Soldiers of the United States Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve (USAR) and Department of the Army (DA) Civilians globally.

Business partners Business partners

Business partners

Building talent,

UST Global experienced a 7% Reduction in Attrition Rate.

By leveraging Skillsoft’s expertise, there was a 300% growth in active end-users of Skillsoft courses, resulting in a 155% increase in the number of total learning and development hours.

Business partners Business partners

Our success is based on your success

Business partners Business partners Business partners Business partners


Business partners

100% Cloud-Based

With resources stored in a virtual cloud, they can be accessed from a variety of web-enabled devices.

Business partners

Mobile Learning

Reaching more employees at more points in time for an increased transfer of learning to job performance.

Business partners

Strong global presence

In 160 Countries and 29 different languages, consistent yet localized training helps global employees work together more effectively.

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