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Business Cards

Business Cards are the most basic tools for personal or business use and are ideal for exchanging contact information. Customize yours and be remembered.

High-quality, full-color offset and digital business card printing available on multiple premium paper stocks and in various sizes. Round corners and folded business cards are also available.

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Great Impressions Start with Great Business Cards

It s our goal to ensure every card we deliver is something we are proud of. At GotPrint, we aim to help you make an impression that will last. With our state-of-the-art machinery and a streamlined printing process, we’re able to print high-quality, full-color business cards at cost-effective prices.

Premium Paper Options

All of our paper stocks are premium and vary in thickness, so no matter what you order, we’re sure you will be pleased with your high-quality product. You can choose from our popular and cost-effective 14 pt or 16 pt Gloss Coated Cover with High Gloss UV Coating, or choose our luxurious ultra thick, 38 pt Trifecta Black – Triple-Layered Ultimate. Our multiple premium paper stocks ensure that you find the right paper for your promotional needs.

The 14pt option is a great choice when you need a mass quantity of business cards in the event of a trade show, networking event, or to have on display at store fronts and offices. It still ensures durability while remaining affordable and practical. They fit easily into cardholders, making them easy to carry around on business trips or to conferences.

Choose 16pt when you want to print on both sides of your business card. The added thickness to the paper stock means that the colors in your graphics will appear vividly on each side. This paper thickness is also an excellent choice for business cards you want to hand over to important clients and potential partners at high-level meetings and meetings overseas.

You also have the option to print on our 38 pt Trifecta triple-layered paper. This option gives any card the ultimate luxurious look and velvety feel. We recommend this for anyone who wants to stand out from the competition and leave an impression that no one will forget. These cards look elegant so they will receive higher recognition over most standard cards.

We love to offer our customers a variety of options, like Eco-friendly selections such as recycled paper. In addition, we also provide different coating and finish options, including High Gloss UV Coating, Matte Finish, or Velvet Finish which is applied to our Trifecta stocks.

Shapes and Sizes

You may customize the shape or size of your card too; choose from the standard 2” x 3.5” business card size, or select a different size or shape, for a more unique look. We offer a variety of different sizes to fit many different ideas and designs such as a mini 2 x 2 for an efficient and fun square-sized business card. Our different shape options further aid in the originality of your personalized cards. You can choose from: square, circle, slim, lead, and oval.

Design and Printing Process

Simply upload your print-ready files or create your design online in just minutes using our attractive, easy-to-use design templates. With hundreds of industry-specific design templates to choose from, you can select the template that is right for your business; then you can customize it by adding your information, images and logo, and proceed to order. We provide proofs for all of our orders. Choose between a free instant online proof or enlist the help of our processing team to proof your files and email you a manually processed, PDF proof. If you’re having trouble with your design, simply request for a Custom Design service and our expert graphic design team will create your design from start to finish. It s easy to leave a professional and lasting impression on all of your clients when you order quality, cost-effective cards at GotPrint!

Delivering all of our products on time is important to us, which is why we guarantee our turnaround time for our orders. With three facilities in the United States, a facility in The Netherlands, and fast, economical shipping, we’re happy to be able to deliver all of our orders to our customers in just a few business days, and at low prices that everyone can afford. Whether you only need 100 cards or require a higher quantity such as 500 or 10,000 cards, we can handle all of your printing needs.

Why should I choose GotPrint to print my business cards?

GotPrint offers its customers a variety of different business card types that are unique and easy to customize. Our cards come in many shapes, sizes and paper stocks. The high-quality, full-color offset and digital printing is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If you aren t completely happy with your cards, we ll do our best to offer you a refund or reprint. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

We have a special way of turning a basic business tool into an unforgettable extension of your company or personal brand. Our cards are timeless conversation starters that go beyond just the paper. We make sure you have all the right tools, such as an intuitive online designer, to create a card that will establish your professional career.

GotPrint goes the extra step to make sure that designing and printing your cards is easy from beginning to end. Our excellent customer service team is one phone call away to answer any questions, comments, or concerns during the whole process.

Do you offer free sample kits?

Yes, a free sample kit can be mailed to you upon request. Our sample kit provides different paper stocks and coatings for a variety of products we offer.

Click here to request a sample kit.

What file formats do you accept when uploading my design?

We accept multiple file formats including: .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, .PDF. PSD, PDF and AI files should be configured to CMYK color mode to ensure accurate color output.

We provide free instant online proofs on most products. Make sure the resolution of your files is set to 300 dpi 350 dpi or stated otherwise.

What type of paper stocks do you offer?

We offer a variety of paper stock options with different thickness and coating options to choose from. Our 14 pt. paper stock is our most popular. It s both sleek and durable with an option to have it coated with UV gloss finish. Our Trifecta paper is the most luxurious stock we offer and comes with a colored middle layer and a velvety finish. Recycled 100lb paper is our thinnest paper and best for cards that need to be produced in masses.

What is a Safe Zone and Bleed when it comes to creating my cards?

Your Safe Zone is the area where all your elements (text, images, logos, etc) must be placed so that they are not cut off when the product is trimmed to the final size.

The Bleed is the part outside of the Safe Zone that gets trimmed off when the product is trimmed to its final size. Bleed is short for all the graphics on a product that will bleed off the document so that the color continues to the edge of your cards. Most of our business cards have a 0.1 Bleed.

I need help with my design, do you offer any pre-made templates?

If you need help with design ideas, we offer a number of industry-specific design templates that you may use as-is or as inspiration for your cards. You ll be sure to find popular industries featured in our templates section such as: real estate, photography, handyman, lawyer, and much more.

Of these designs we have a number of styles available to you. Our design styles range from modern and trendy to professional and minimalistic. All of our printable design templates are specifically configured to be easily customized and personalized to match your brand’s identity.

While we do offer a wide range of design templates, we understand that you still may need help with formulating a unique design for your cards. In this case, you can head over to our design services, where one of our professional graphic designers will work with you to create a completely unique and personal design.

What’s your turnaround time?

We do our best to offer the most convenient turnaround times for each customer. Please be aware that times may change due to delays in production.

The turnaround time begins a day after your order is approved and the payment is processed. However, if it is completed by 9AM PST/ 11AM CT/ 12 PM ET, then the turnaround time begins that day.

The shipping time is different from the turnaround time. Shipping begins once the production of your cards are complete. From there, it will take 2-6 days, depending on the stock of your cards. You may also choose Express or 2 day delivery if you need them at a sooner date. To learn more about the turnaround and shipping times, please visit our Turnaround Time page.

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