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Types of businessBelow, we ve listed some of the more common types of fairies that people are likely to encounter but this is by no means an all inclusive list. Most of the residents of the fairy realm will fall into one of three categories, neutral fairies, the Seelie, and the Unseelie. The neutral fairies are just that, neither aligned with the good or bad. This may be an oversimplification but the Seelie are generally considered to be the light (mainly positive) fairies while the Unseelie are quite the opposite.

1) The well known Pixie This small, winged fairy has a human-type form and at its tallest is only 6” tall. Pixies are quite attracted to small children, Types of businesslaughter, and happiness. They love gardens (especially Heather) and other flowering plants. Like hummingbirds, they are known to sip nectar from flowers like Honeysuckle. Fun loving, carefree and prankish, they often take household items from humans only to return them later when they’ve had their fun. They are more spontaneous and active than their larger fairy counterparts and generally have a shorter attention span. They are very social beings and live in a monarchy under a king or queen.

2) Trooping Fairies These fairies are generally the same size as pixies (6” Types of businesstall) but have no wings. They are known as trooping fairies because they travel together in long processions. The males often wear green jackets and they tend live near the woods where there is a lot of underbrush. They are also known to inhabit trees often referred to by humans as a “fairy tree.” Trooping fairies can be larger or smaller than 6” and can be friendly or sinister.

3) Brownies At 4.5” tall , they are a bit smaller than pixies Types of businessand trooping fairies. Brownies wear brown clothing, are very meticulous and tend to have a darker brown skin color. They have no wings but are quite capable of getting to high places by each one climbing on to the other to boost each other up. These intelligent and good natured fairies originated in Scotland and are known as household fairies, meaning they reside within the home and often do chores to help out a deserving human family in exchange for food and other offerings. They are nocturnal.

4) Fauns A creature of the woodland forests, the faun has horns on his Types of businesshead and a body that resembles a goat below the waist and a human above. Fauns tend to be alluring, seductive and compelling, often preying upon the unsuspecting by using mind control and magic conjured from their pipes or flute to get what they desire from their victim. According to the elves, if one sees a faun, avert your eyes because as soon as they have your attention, you are under their control. That’s why humans have depicted satan to be a faun. They are neutral but can be very dangerous.

Types of business5) Merpeople includes the well known mermaid, mermen, and the smaller, fresh water dweller known as a Gherring. Merpeople are neutral but cooperate well with the elves and barter with them. They tend to be superficial and self centered and are often depicted with a mirror and a comb. They are generally unhappy about the pollution and destruction of their waters and they tend to hold humans responsible for this. Still, Mermaids in particular tend to be very fond of human males and often fall in love with them which unfortunately often ends with the human drowning. They live in social communities.

6) The Leprechaun Leprechauns tend to be solitary Types of businessfairies rather than social fairies and are usually seen wearing green clothing (sometimes with red) and a green hat. Said to be shoemakers by trade, they have the legendary pot of gold and enjoy matching wits with humans (and are often victorious in this area). Most have red hair and a well groomed beard and have a rounded build which averages around 2-3” tall. They are family oriented but are not overly social to other fae unless they have earned their trust. However, when money is involved, they will do business with everyone.

Types of business7) The Gnome These kind hearted forest dwellers generally make their homes underground near oak trees. They are known for their protection and healing of wildlife and in general are very beneficial to have around. In appearance, they are around 10-12” tall and wear a red pointed hat with blue or green jackets. They mature early and both sexes have white hair by the time they are 100 or so with a life-span of over 1000 years. On rare occasion they can be found in human dwellings but usually prefer to live in the woods, closer to nature.

8 ) The Hobgoblin A dark brown creature who inhabits the forests areas Types of businessand lives in trees, the Hobgoblin is a solitary fae which enjoys keeping to himself (or herself). This neutral fairy is generally a peaceful fellow and is not aggressive unless provoked. His temper can flare easily so it is wise to try and stay on his good side. They can get especially nasty if their tree is threatened.

9) The Grundels Most often found in the homes of larger Elves, Grundels have a symbiotic relationship where they work for the elves in exchange for a protected home. They are dedicated to their host family of elves and generally stay with the same family for generations, moving with them as necessity dictates. Grundels are about 3 feet tall, and often wear striped clothing. (Sorry, no picture available)

Types of business10) Elves Found in many places throughout the world, elves are very plentiful in Scandinavia, many parts of Europe, and more recently, the United States. They are a very long lived race and are gifted with sharper senses, grace, agility and perceptions than humans. They excel in the arts and crafts, including the art of magic which they define as the gathering, focusing and directing of natural energy. In general, they dislike technology and live close to nature in an idyllic setting, respecting and working with all aspects of nature.

Physically, elves are generally the same height as humans or taller but slighter in build. (There are some exceptions to this rule however and a much shorter variety of elves does exist.) In appearance, their faces might seem to be more angular than humans and they do have the more pointed ears so often depicted in books and movies. They prefer to wear medieval-type clothing but have also been known to enjoy wearing a more modern style of clothing such as jeans, on occasion.

They are divided into two basic groups now: the Seelie those that want to work with humans to heal the planet we both share and the Unseelie those who would rather solve the problem by eliminating humans all together. The Elves of Fyn, the source of the information on this site, belong to the first group (Seelie) and you can find a bit more information about them here. It is recommended that you avoid contact with the Unseelie altogether.

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