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Columbia Business School

Olympic fencer Keeth Smart 10 talks about his transition from professional athlete to fitness technology entrepreneur.

Despite price tags reaching $200M, the Olympic Games remains a rare opportunity for sponsors.

How can something that our political leaders and many an economist said would make everyone better off be so reviled?

Corporate social responsibility has long been an opportunity for companies to bolster their public image and boost their sales. But it also sends important signals to potential employees.

Finance, not technology, has prompted explosive growth in roof-top solar, but its future hangs on a shifting patchwork of legislation.

After a devastating diagnosis, Bita Javadizadeh Brun ’99 found help and hope in fellow alumnus Dr. Ghassan Abou-Alfa ’16. Now the two are teaming up to aid others.

An amicable split seems to be in everyone s interests. But the divorce could become messy.

Over-crowding in US emergency rooms costs patients time, money, and their health. But predictive analytics could help re-route patients away from over-burdened hospitals before long waits become inevitable.

Highly trained women in the US workforce earn a fraction of what their male peers do. Part of the discrepancy may come down to differences in men’s and women’s tastes for competition.

Engaging Leaders: Traits of Really Creative People

Douglas Haynes says eureka moments are rare – creative breakthroughs are the result of hard work. More Engaging Leaders videos

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