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Outcome Health was the hottest company in town. Now investors are suing its founders to claw back their money, and the U.S. Justice Department has issued subpoenas in a fraud investigation.


It’s high time to legalize marijuana

If Cook County still has a budget hole to fill in the wake of the pop-tax debacle, the answer is or could be blowin’ in the wind.


Off the grid in Lockport: 500 net-zero energy homes planned

The development would use solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling to generate energy equal to what its residents and businesses consume.


The big lesson in DNAinfo’s neighborhood news experiment

Despite DNAinfo’s untimely death, ex-columnist Mark Konkol argues its neighborhood-first approach proved there’s journalism gold in dem dare ‘hoods.


New private-equity firms land in Chicago

A surge in the opening of private-equity firms nationwide includes a few new names on the Chicago scene.


Chicago’s rebound is in deep trouble. Here’s why.

Soaring crime is the result of segregation, rising poverty and a dysfunctional police force.

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