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Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples,
Bonita Springs, and Estero

With almost 33 years of legal experience, the law office of Thomas M. Dryden, P.L. has a strong reputation within the Fort Myers, Florida area for helping clients through challenging legal experiences.

Attorney Thomas M. Dryden is Board Certified in both Real Estate and Business Litigation. This experience and specialty provides him with the unique ability to protect a client s interest whether in a transaction or litigation matter. Mr. Dryden is also AV Peer Rated by Martindale Hubbell, the highest rating afforded by peers based on the lawyer s professional ability and ethical standards.

The law office of Thomas M. Dryden, P.L. focuses on the areas of real estate, construction, condominium, business, probate law and civil litigation, including:

  • Negotiation, review and preparation of real estate contracts and mortgages
  • Preparation and handling of real estate closings involving title insurance
  • Real estate litigation, including deposit disputes, specific performance and foreclosures
  • Commercial landlord/tenant law, including lease preparation, dispute resolution and litigation
  • Probate Administration and litigation

If you are in need of an experienced Southwest Florida attorney for seasoned legal advice or for matters related to real estate, business, trusts and probate law, or effective resolution of disputes through negotiated settlement or litigation, contact our law office today.

Highly experienced real estate and business law attorney

Our dedicated and experienced team of legal professionals is committed to providing quality representation for all our clients. We have been practicing civil law in the Fort Myers area since 1984 (licensed since 1982). Thomas Dryden has been Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Real Estate since 1996 and Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Business Litigation since 2013.

Over the past 33 years, we have handled multi-million-dollar commercial and residential transactions. We have also handled lawsuits involving liens, construction defects, evictions, quiet title, foreclosure and foreclosure defense, breach of contract, association disputes, trust and will disputes, and insurance matters. The Law Offices of Thomas M. Dryden has also handled hundreds of lawsuits, concluding in settlements or bench or jury trials.

In a recent construction lien and fraud jury trial case that lasted four days, we obtained a $550,000 judgement for fraud, among other claims, against a real estate property owner and its principal

Thomas M. Dryden, P.L. has a busy staff consisting of two full-time legal assistants, who each have an area of expertise. It is important to my staff and me to stay accessible to our clients and provide the best legal representation possible to keep our clients happy, often under expedited and difficult circumstances .

Thomas M. Dryden serves clients in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero.

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The Ultimate Definition of Analytics #business #analytics #definition


The Ultimate Definition of Analytics

Over the years I have seen all kinds of definitions for web analytics. Some are over simplified, some are just plain wrong and biased toward agencies and vendors. Some blog posts claim to offer a definition while they simply rant about how hard web analytics is and what it should or should not be.

A Good Analytics Definition?

The Web Analytics Association has its own soup of buzzwords from another era “Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage. ” One would think that every word stemming and their order would have been carefully weighted. After all, the WAA being the subject matter authority, this should be the ultimate definition. What does it mean to “measure” vs. “collecting” data? Why is “reporting” after “analysis”? One would expect a sense of value creating so those should be reversed, no?

Let’s turn to Wikipedia – the ultimate collective wisdom. The Truth with a big “T”. (Speaking of which, if you haven’t contributed your $5 now would be a good time! Donate to Wikipedia ). The definition of web analytics according to Wikipedia is basically borrowed from the WAA. Case closed. But there is hope!

The science of analysis

How many times have we heard:

  • “it’s not about the web anymore”? That’s a given.
  • We also want to be relevant to the business; we want to convey a sense of value and action.
  • Why reinvent the wheel? (or the web if you like!)

Wikipedia defines analytics as “the science of analysis “. Overtly simple too simple. The next statement is “analytics is the process of obtaining an optimal or realistic decision based on existing data. ” Isn’t it beautiful? Simple and effective!

Wait A Minute!

There’s a big “FAIL ” in there! Read it again: “analytics is the process of obtaining an optimal or realistic decision based on existing data ” hmmm. I don’t know about you, but I often run into situations where I perfectly know what is the “optimal ” solution but I can’t “realistically ” bring it to reality!

The big no-no is a mere two letters: “or”! It’s not “OR” it’s “AND”, stupid! Now you got it! The best and ultimate definition of analytics:

Analytics is the process of obtaining an optimal and realistic decision based on existing data.

Period. That’s it. Nobody cares where your data is coming from, nobody cares if you are optimizing for your email campaign, the web, or the back-office process that supports it. At the end of the day, the role of an analyst is to understand a business context, understand the constraints and the desired outcomes, use whichever data makes sense, and offer optimal AND realistic solutions to the business.

Parting thought

If analytics is “the science of analysis” what is analysis ?

“Analysis is the process of breaking a complex topic or substance into smaller parts to gain a better understanding of it.”

so we can optimize it!Next time you want to complain web analytics is hard, try to analyze your own job and see how you can break it into smaller tasks, understand and improve them. You will be in a much better position to become a credible voice to the business.

Submitted by Stephane Hamel on November 2011 – Opinions expressed in the article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Online Behavior or its Owners.

About Stephane Hamel

Stéphane Hamel is an innovator, speaker and renowned digital analytics consultant. Strong of over twenty-five years experience empowering organizations to analyze and optimize their online channels, he has cemented his position as a leading voice for digital analytics and online optimization.Mr. Hamel holds an MBA in eBusiness and lectured several web analytics and business analysis classes at UBC and ULaval. You can find Stéphane on Twitter or Google+ .

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Penn State Online #bachelor #of #science #in #nursing, #penn #state #online #bachelor #s #degree


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Build Your Career with an Online RN to BSN

Health care is moving ahead; shouldn’t your career? As nursing becomes more complex, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing can help move your career forward. Our RN to BSN program builds and expands on the RN competencies needed to lead change and positively affect the health care industry. Earning a BSN degree can also properly prepare you to attend graduate school.

Why the RN to BSN Online Program at Penn State

Take classes anywhere — With Penn State World Campus, all RN to BSN classes are online, and you can fulfill your clinical requirements near your home. You can also choose to take your nursing courses at an accelerated pace for ultimate flexibility through our Accelerated RN to BSN format. If you live near a Penn State campus and wish to participate in both classroom and online learning, you can blend the two experiences while earning your degree.

Beyond a degree — You can enhance your professional credentials by earning one of our specialized certificates as you move from an RN to a BSN Choose from the certificate in Nursing Management. Nursing Informatics. or the Nursing Forensics to help you set yourself apart from others on the career ladder. Some of the credits you earn in one of the certificate programs can be applied toward the requirements for your BSN degree. In addition, some courses in the certificate programs may apply toward graduate work or may satisfy continuing professional education requirements.

RN to BSN in Nursing Video

Learn more about the World Campus bachelor of science in nursing program in this video:

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Heb auto insurance #heb #auto #insurance, #autoverzekering #direct #afsluiten #goedkoopste


Heb je schade aan je auto en kun je niet verder rijden, bel direct met de Ditzo Alarmcentrale: 030 699 07 08. 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week. In Nederland en in het buitenland.

Heb je pech en heb je de extra dekking Pechhulp afgesloten, bel direct met de Ditzo Alarmcentrale: 030 699 07 08. 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week. In Nederland en in het buitenland.

Heb je ruitschade en kun je niet verder rijden, bel direct met de Ditzo Alarmcentrale: 030 699 07 08. 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week. In Nederland en in het buitenland.

Wil je een ruitschade bij ons melden, bel ons dan op 030 699 79 30. Dan verwijzen wij je door naar een door ons geselecteerd autoruitbedrijf. Of zoek zelf een autoruitbedrijf bij jou in de buurt.

​Ben je betrokken bij een aanrijding en kun je niet verder rijden, bel direct met de Ditzo Alarmcentrale: 030 699 07 08. 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week. In Nederland en in het buitenland.

Vul altijd bij een aanrijding (samen met de andere partij) het Europees schadeformulier in.

Wil je schade als gevolg van een aanrijding bij ons melden, bel ons dan op 030 699 79 30. Dan verwijzen wij je door naar een door ons geselecteerd schadeherstelbedrijf. Of zoek zelf een schadeherstelbedrijf bij jou in de buurt.

​Is je auto gestolen, bel dan direct met de politie op 0900 8844. En doe aangifte.

Meld de diefstal ook altijd bij het Verzekeringsbureau Voertuigcriminaliteit (VbV) via telefoonnummer 071 364 17 77. 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week. Of doe dit online via .

En meld de diefstal bij Ditzo op 030 699 79 30. We doen er alles aan om dit zo snel mogelijk op te lossen.

​Heb je schade aan je auto door bijvoorbeeld storm of een aanrijding met dieren bel ons dan op 030 699 79 30. Of stuur het ondertekende Europees schadeformulier naar Ditzo Schadeservice, Postbus 393, 2900 AJ Capelle a/d IJssel​.

Heb je schade aan je auto door vandalisme of inbraak, bel dan direct met de politie op 0900 8844. En doe aangifte. Of doe dit online .

Schade melden voor de rechtsbijstandverzekering

Heb je een juridisch conflict en wil je rechtsbijstand inschakelen? Neem dan contact op met DAS.

Is er sprake van spoed?
Bel dan altijd eerst met de Juridische Adviesdesk van DAS, te bereiken op werkdagen tussen 08.30 en 17.30 uur op telefoonnummer 020 651 88 15.

Wil je alleen advies?
Bel dan met DAS op werkdagen tussen 08.30 en 17.30 uur op telefoonnummer:

  • 020 651 75 17 voor een aanrijdingsschade zonder letsel
  • 020 651 88 15 voor alle andere (juridische) conflicten

Wil je direct een conflict aanmelden?
Heb je juridische hulp nodig en wil je je zaak direct aanmelden? Doe dit dan online via: ​

  • Schade melden voor een andere verzekering

Eventjes geduld alsjeblieft.

Door onze site te bezoeken ga je automatisch akkoord met ons gebruik van cookies. Cookie instellingen kun je altijd aanpassen. Bekijk de lijst.

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The Partridge Family s David Cassidy enters rehab facility #gerard #butler #rehab


EXCLUSIVE: The Partridge Family’s David Cassidy enters rehab facility months after being sentenced to two years of probation for DUI hit-and-run

  • The Partridge Family star David Cassidy has been receiving treatment for addiction music-based treatment facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • His $793.99 stay at the facility wasrevealed in Chapter 11 bankruptcy documents that he filed in September
  • The facility provides treatment for addictions including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills and many other issues
  • Back in March, Cassidy was sentenced to two years of probation after he collided with a vehicle on a Florida highway in a DUI hit-and-run
  • When filing for bankruptcy, he revealed that he was $2,143,367.97 in debt
  • The child star listed his assets as his $3million Fort Lauderdale home, two properties in the Bahamas that he bought for $387,000 each, and more

Published: 22:23 BST, 26 October 2016 | Updated: 02:24 BST, 27 October 2016

David Cassidy has been receiving treatment for addiction at a Florida rehabilitation facility in hopes stopping himself from violating a two-year probation for a DUI hit-and-run that prohibits him from drinking or using drugs.

The Partridge Family star’s rehab stay was revealed in Chapter 11 bankruptcy documents that he filed earlier this month and seen exclusively by

Cassidy, 66, wrote a $793.99 check to Recovery Unplugged last month, a program that offers ‘a music-based treatment’ that gives patients ‘a well-rounded recovery experience’, according to its website, meaning it uses instruments and music as a form of therapy and a means to rehabilitate patients.

It is unclear if Cassidy took an inpatient or outpatient route at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, facility, and it is unknown if he is still in the program.

The Partridge Family star David Cassidy has been receiving treatment for addiction music-based treatment facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Cassidy’s stay at the facility was revealed in Chapter 11 bankruptcy documents that he filed in September. Pictured above is Cassidy in his younger years and on The Partridge Family

The facility provides treatment for addictions including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills and many other issues.

Back in March, Cassidy was sentenced to two years of probation and his license was suspended for five years after he collided with a vehicle on a Florida highway and fled the scene.

He had been charged with fleeing the scene of an accident, driving on a suspended license due to his previous DUI conviction, and operating a vehicle with an expired registration.

In March, Cassidy was sentenced to two years of probation after DUI hit-and-run on a Florida highway

Along with probation and having a suspended license, a judge ordered that Cassidy would be subjected to random breath and urine tests at his expense.

If he violates his probation, Cassidy could be thrown in jail.

Months after his sentencing, Cassidy filed for Chapter 11 debt, claiming he was in debt due to payments on his Florida home and to lawyers and credit card companies.

But according to his documents, he has more assets than he does liabilities: He has $2,143,367.97 in liabilities while having $3,714,913 in assets.

The child star listed his assets as his $3million Fort Lauderdale home, two properties in the Bahamas that he bought for $387,000 each, a 2009 Chevrolet Corvette, a 2004 Lexus with an unknown value, $120 in cash and $3,000 in bank accounts.

He also said he has $20,000 in furniture, nearly $500,000 in retirement accounts, $30,000 interest in a tax refund, and $94,000 owed in his legal victory against Sony for unpaid royalties from The Partridge Family.

His debts, however, include an $855,0000 line of credit on his Florida home, $803,000 on the first mortgage on the home, $21,000 in American Express bills, more than $150,000 owed to lawyers and a $292,000 Wells Fargo personal line of credit.

The music treatment-based rehabilitation facility (pictured above) is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They have inpatient and outpatient programs

The facility (pictured) provides treatment for addictions including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills and many other issues

He said that his average income monthly is $12,5000, but his expenses top out at $27,772 – leaving in $15,000 in debt every month.

The case is still pending while a trustee determines a strategy of selling of Cassidy’s assets and paying back the creditors.

The bankruptcy documents revealed that the actor had been receiving treatment at the rehab center in September.

According to a monthly operating report filed in the case, Cassidy lists checks written during the each month.

A September check written to Recovery Unplugged in the amount of $793.99 had the subject of ‘medical’.

The rehab facility focuses individual and group therapy.

A September check written to Recovery Unplugged (a bedroom in the facility pictured above) from Cassidy in the amount of $793.99 had the subject of ‘medical’

It describes itself as: ‘Recovery Unplugged offers a music-based treatment approach, our programs are made up of evidence-based practices that allow patients access to a well-rounded recovery experience.

‘Our treatment philosophy is based on the fact that each patient has their own unique set of care needs.


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The Security Token Service – Application Server 5 #security #token #service #application


STS stands for Security Token Service. A security token service implements the protocol defined according to the WS-Trust specification. WS-Trust specification defines message formats and message exchange patterns for issuing, renewing, canceling and validating security tokens. A given security token service provides one or more of these capabilities. The client interacts with the STS to get any of the above functionalities done; namely, issuing, renewing, canceling and validating security tokens.

A security token is an XML payload as requested by the relying party service. If it is a SAML token, then it represents a collection of claims in the form of Assertions. A claim is a statement made about a client, service or another resource (e.g. name, identity, key, group, privilege, capability, etc.) A client who need to access a service which requires a security token issued from a specific token issuer [STS] should provide a security token issued from the specified token provider. Any service can state in its service policy, what claims it requires in order to be granted access. The client needs those claims fulfilled in the security token. For example, the service can state in simple language, if you want to access me, you should have your First Name, Last Name and the Age in the security token. If not access will be denied.

In summery, a security token is issued by the STS with the claims required by the service.

The Interaction between the client and the STS.

The interaction between a client who wants to access a service and the STS is given in the example below.

  • Client wants to access service A.
  • Service A requests a security token with the clients name and age to grant him access.
  • The the client requests a security token from the STS.
  • The STS requests the client to validate his identity via username token.
  • The client provides his username/password.
  • The STS recognizes the client and provides a token.
  • The client presents the security token to the service and gains access to it.

As shown in this example, a security token service issues tokens only to client it trusts. Trusted relationship between the client and the STS can be established via user name/password, certificates or any other means defined by the STS. The STS communicates the form of trust relationship via its security policy as per WS-Security Policy.

For example, an STS can enforce all its clients to sign the Request for the Security Token [RST] or else prove themselves via UsernameToken (that is user name / password). First, the client prepares the RST (the Request according to the terminology defined in the WS-Trust specification) and sends a web service request, secured to be compliant with the security policy of the STS. This RST also includes the required claims for the response or the security token. It also includes:

  • The end point reference (EPR) of the service, where the client uses this token.
  • The desired valid time for the expecting security token.
  • Token type of the expecting security token (SAML 1.1 / SAML 2.0)
  • and more.

Once a client sends the RST to the STS, the STS first checks the authenticity of the requester by validating the request against the defined security policy of the STS. It then starts preparing the security token (Request Security Token Response). The STS includes all the requested claims and signs the token with its private key. It then finds the public certificate of the service to which this token will be sent by the client and encrypts the token with the certificate. The encrypted security token is opaque to the client.

STS in a Running Carbon Server

The security token service offered by WSO2 is wso2carbon-sts. The STS facilitated is provided by the following feature, which is bundled by default in all WSO2 service hosting products.

If this feature is not available by default in the product you are using, you can install it by following the instructions in section Feature Management.

Follow the instructions below to configure the STS service.

1. Log on to the product’s management console and select List under Services.

2. You can see the STS deployed.

3. The service dashboard appears. Click on the Configure STS link.

4. The STS Configuration page appears. Enter the relying parties you trust. In other words, mention which relying parties can accept security tokens from the STS.

You need to upload the public certificate of the trusted relying party against its end point. For example,

Tokens are encrypted by the public key of the trusted relying party. Even the client who obtains the token to send to the relying party has no visibility to the included token.

5. The trusted service is added to the STS. You can remove it by clicking on the icon next to it or continue to add more trusted services.

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Choose a legal structure for your business #business #brokers

#business partnership


Choose a legal structure for your business

4. ‘Ordinary’ business partnership

In a business partnership, you and your business partner (or partners) personally share responsibility for your business.

You can share all your business’s profits between the partners. Each partner pays tax on their share of the profits.

Partnerships in Scotland (known as ‘firms’) are different, and have a ‘legal personality’ separate from the individual partners.

Legal responsibilities

You’re personally responsible for your share of:

  • any losses your business makes
  • bills for things you buy for your business, like stock or equipment

You can set up a limited partnership or limited liability partnership if you don’t want to be personally responsible for a business’ losses.

A partner doesn’t have to be an actual person. For example, a limited company counts as a ‘legal person’, and can also be a partner in a partnership.

Tax responsibilities

All the partners must:

The partnership will also have to register for VAT if you expect its takings to be more than £83,000 a year.

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How finance companies differ from credit cards, banks #home #business #opportunities

#finance companies


How finance companies differ from credit cards, banks

Whether it’s buying a car, paying medical bills or purchasing furniture, if you’ve had to finance one of life’s big-ticket items, you’ve probably been offered the chance to take out a loan from a finance company.

They’re the less-regulated alternative to getting a loan from your bank or putting the charge on your credit card. Usually, a finance company offers a secured or unsecured personal loan. Before signing on the dotted line with a finance company, understand exactly what you are getting into.

What finance company loans are (and aren’t)
Sometimes these products are marketed as credit cards, when they really aren’t.

Medical credit cards, in particular, can be very loosey-goosey about the term, says Linda Sherry, spokeswoman for Consumer Action, which in 2014 released a survey of medical cards.

Such products are not subject to the same regulations as credit cards.

Borrowing money from a finance company isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but you should first learn what these companies are, how they operate, who regulates them, and what protections you have if you run into problems.

What are consumer finance companies?
Unlike a bank or credit union, finance companies do not accept deposits. They just loan money, sometimes with fixed terms and sometimes not. Some offer a big range of products, some specialize, says Chris Kukla, senior counsel for government affairs with the Center for Responsible Lending.

The most well-known issuers of these products are automobile finance companies, such as Toyota Financial Services or Ford Credit. These are owned by auto manufacturers and make loans to consumers purchasing vehicles from those particular brands.

If you have strong credit, you have a good chance of getting a low-interest auto loan through an auto finance company.

If your credit is not stellar, an auto finance company that specializes in the subprime market may offer you a loan, but at a much higher interest rate.

CarePayment of Lake Oswego, Oregon — which works with health care providers nationwide and provides a way for people to pay medical bills — is another example of a finance company. It offers consumers a revolving line of credit at a 0 percent annual percentage rate.

Furniture and appliance stores, such as Seffner, Florida-based Rooms to Go, also offer consumers a line of credit through a finance company.

Who regulates finance companies?
Consumer finance companies are licensed and regulated by the state in which they operate. Depending on the size of the company, it may be licensed in one state or dozens of states, says Danielle Fagre Arlowe, senior vice president of the American Financial Services Association, a trade association for the consumer credit industry that represents traditional installment lenders, such as the big auto finance companies.

That is different from credit card issuers, which generally are regulated by federal authorities. The Office of the Comptroller and the Currency (OCC), a division of the U.S. Treasury Department, regulates national banks that issue credit cards, while the National Credit Union Administration supervises federal credit unions.

Meanwhile, state banking regulators oversee state-chartered banks or credit unions.

Finance companies have to adhere to the laws in the states in which they are licensed, Kukla says

That means a finance company can do things that are not expressly prohibited by law in the state in which it operates, Kukla says: It may be abusive, but if it’s not prohibited by law, there’s nothing the state can do.

Because of variations in state laws, a finance company may have different loan terms in different states, Arlowe says. So a consumer in Georgia may be charged a different interest rate or have a different loan payoff schedule than a consumer in Texas.

One big segment of finance companies has a new regulator. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) — which supervises and enforces federal consumer financial protection laws, including those surrounding credit cards — is taking over the supervision of major auto finance companies.

Under a rule issued June 10, 2015, the CFPB will have authority over companies that make, acquire or refinance at least 10,000 auto loans or leases per year. The bureau estimates that 34 auto finance companies would fall under that regulation, and these account for about 90 percent of all auto loans and leases not made by banks. Together, these companies provided auto financing to nearly 7 million consumers in 2013.

The rules mean auto finance companies will be not be allowed to use deceptive practices to market loans or leases, or mislead consumers about the loan benefits or terms. The companies also must provide accurate information to credit bureaus.

Auto finance companies also will be prohibited from discriminating against consumers when lending based on factors such as someone’s race, gender, and age, or based on whether the person receives public assistance. Illegal debt collection practices are banned, and the CFPB will review automobile repossession processes.

The new rule is scheduled to take effect in August 2015.

What are typical finance company practices?
Unlike credit card companies, finance companies are not required to give consumers the same payment due date each month. While many require you to pay your bill by the same date, in other cases it is a moving target. So your bill may be due on the 22nd one month and the 21st the following month.

If you don’t pay on the proper date, you might be charged a late fee or required to pay a higher interest rate, Kukla says.

There also might be other risks. For example, imagine you are shopping at an appliance store offering 0 percent financing for 24 months. It may sound like a good deal, but if you read the fine print, you may see that it is a deferred interest deal. If you miss a payment or fail to pay the loan off in 24 months, you could end up paying a steep interest rate, and have interest added in from the time you took out the loan, Kukla says.

Many finance companies report your payment record to the three main credit bureaus, helping you build a credit history, Arlowe says. However, they are not required to report such payments.

Complaints are the only real way to tell what kind of lender they are.

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Business and Management in Business #franchise #opportunities

#business books


Business and Management

  • Books
    • Business Finance and Law
      • Business and Management(31370)
        • Business and Corporate History(113)
        • Business and The Environment(177)
        • Business Communication and Presentation(977)
        • Business Competition(239)
        • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility(1034)
        • Business Innovation(623)
        • Business Maths and Systems(841)
        • Business Negotiation(202)
        • Business Operation(4350)
        • Business Strategy(2305)
        • Business Studies(666)
        • Consultancy and Grants For Businesses(123)
        • Corporate Governance(387)
        • e-Commerce(681)
        • Entrepreneurship(1581)
        • International Business(1364)
        • Management By Business Function(6079)
        • Management Techniques(7840)
        • Office and Workplace(468)
        • Sales and Marketing(3995)

Refine By


  • A and AS Level(71)
  • International Curricula and Examinations(4)
  • National Curriculum Key Stage 3(1)
  • National Curriculum Key Stage 4 and GCSE(2)
  • Non-UK Curricula and Examinations(7)
  • UK Curricula and Examinations(133)





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Buying an Internet Business – Why 2016 is the Year to Buy #small #business

#internet business


Buying an Internet Business Why 2016 is the Year to Buy

The start of a new year is always a natural time of year to make plans for the future. be it personally or professionally. It’s a good time to take stock of previous experience and think about what’s taking place in the world. Indeed, you don’t have to look too far for predictions posts at the moment, the internet is positively awash with musings about the year ahead with many exciting internet marketing trends predicted (mobile, the internet of things and as ever, more content marketing!)

Strangely though there is not much in the way of thoughts on business buying in 2016,particularly for buying an internet business. so I’ve put some thoughts together on why 2016 is potentially a very timely year to buy.

Buying an internet business – macro favors the opportunist

There’s so much uncertainty in both the US and global economy at the moment that you can carve a pretty convincing argument either way for economic collapse or prosperity in 2016 (presumably that’s how Wall Street analysts keep in business come high or low…)

I think though that when it comes to small business ownership there is strong cause for optimism this year. Consumer confidence has continued to climb through 2016 to the mid 90 s. Good news for consumer facing e-businesses.

Investment levels always tell you something about the market’s sentiment toward both the economy and small business growth. Whilst you shouldn’t always follow the herd it’s important to note we operate in an economy based largely on consent, so if everyone else is investing it’s a good sign for personal acquisitions. US venture capital investment continue to grow year over year, and 2015 saw the largest amount of investment dollars.

Lastly, borrowing is an essential component for acquisition and growth and it’s refreshing to see that whilst SBA lending softened a little in 2014 to $3.8bn (from $4.0bn in 2013), the lender is anticipating a huge boost in 2015 to $4.8bn. If you’re looking to debt finance an internet business acquisition, 2016 could well be the year to do it.

A word of warning though, it can still be quite difficult to secure debt financing for online business acquisitions. SaaS businesses and recurring revenue models that have at least three years of history tend to be the most successful candidates for funding, though cash buyers will continue to have pole position in 2016. If you want to learn about alternative finance options you can read How to Buy a Website with Finance .

Surging internet growth continues

The nice thing about most internet trends is that they almost always face upwards which makes the old Chinese proverb of “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now” true at the start of almost every year.

E-commerce continues to be one of the biggest areas of internet growth and eMarketer expects the global E-commerce industry to increase another $263bn in 2015 to $1.763trn (yes trillion), all boding very well for site owners and potential business acquirers.

Content sites will not miss out on a continued surge in internet usage as multi-device and particularly mobile usage make the web a major source of advertising dollars. Internet advertising revenues continue to rise with spending up across every single sector. from 5% YoY in entertainment to 20% YoY in retail. Digital advertising revenue is now worth more than $40bn in the US alone (as of 2014), second only to TV, and rising at 15% per annum (5x faster than any other medium).

It’s not just the growth opportunities that are appearing in the internet investment landscape, the risk factors are somewhat fading too. Many online business acquirers are cautious of pending Google algorithm updates particularly when looking at websites with high search traffic (and they are wise to be). With the last 18 months seeing an unprecedented amount of algorithm changes. things have now started to calm and the industry is expecting a smoother runway in 2016.

That’s not to say there won’t be movement but there is much less concern over 20% single-day traffic falls as we saw with the Penguin and Panda rollouts in 2013 and 2014. The good news for site buyers is that investors now have the pick of sites that are still standing after the updates and they also have some runway ahead before Google consider another major algorithm update.

Mobile is an explosive opportunity

A major part of the trends above is the continued penetration of smartphones across the US, Western Europe and Asia as well as the proliferation of multi-device. Multi-device ownership is increasingly commonplace in developed markets with 1 in 4 smartphone owners in the US and EU5 also owning a tablet.

Almost every internet marketing predictions post is citing mobile’s importance this year and its clear from listings at FEI that site owners who have mobile-optimised their sites (at the least) or built new service or content offerings around mobile, are very well positioned for selling. With Google putting greater emphasis on the mobile user experience, potentially even incorporating “mobile-friendliness” into its search ranking algorithm, mobile-friendly is now essential.

Digi-Capital predict 61.3% CAGR of revenue growth in mobile app revenue (ex-gaming) to 2017 which is a staggering growth rate and a huge growth opportunity for buyers of e-businesses and apps in 2016 and beyond. Advertisers worldwide are recognizing the increasing penetration of mobile and its impact on consumers, and in response, plan to spend more than $64bn on mobile ads in 2015. 60% higher than 2014.

Favorable industry trends

Thomas and I wrote about industry trends at the end of 2015 and we think they are aligning positively for buyers. Whilst there’s undoubtedly more buyers in the industry than ever before, the market is formalizing and this can only be a good thing for raising industry standards amongst brokers, sellers and other industry participants alike.

An exciting new development has been the launch of Escrow’s new domain name holding service in 2014 which has dramatically increased the scope for creatively financed deals in 2016. With domain(s) held in Escrow during the deferred consideration period there is much less fear about payment default, which warms sellers to the idea of earn outs, holdbacks and other financing methods. All of this is great news for buyers looking to stretch out their funds or structures deals for lower risk.

Speaking of formalisation, the website buying industry definitely embraced content marketing in the past few years and we have seen a marked increase in content posting by brokers, marketplaces and industry commentators alike. Centurica now publish an annual website buying report and its co-founder Justin Gilchrist also published an in-depth primer on business buying.

FEI published a free Guide to Buying an Online Business to help educate buyers on how to run through the process successfully and to raise awareness about the asset class. In short, there’s never been more quality information available about internet business buying which is great news for new and seasoned buyers alike.

Buying an online business?

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If not now, when?

So there are a lot of good reasons why 2016 presents a unique opportunity to buy an internet business. But the truth is, every year gives advantages over the previous year. So, if you’re waiting for the perfect time, then you’ve perhaps already waited too long. The right time to buy a business is now! Don’t wait for any arbitrary date like January 1st.

Instead, commit to your plan and get started right now. Yes, 2016 will be a great time for buying a business but so is today .

David Newell

David is the Brokerage Director at FE International. Starting out as an investment banker, he moved online to use his transaction experience for website brokerage. At FE International, he spends his time speaking with buyers, executing deals and working on raising industry standards to encourage more investments. In 2014 he closed more than $6m in sales and wrote a book on buying internet businesses for investors new to the space.

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