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Top 5 Small Business Loan Requirements – How to get a Small Business Loan

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Top 5 Small Business Loan Requirements

The time has come to expand your business with new employees, a larger location or a new product line. It’s an exciting time, but stressful because you’re not sure you have the cash reserves to manage the expansion.

For many small businesses, this situation calls for a small business loan a cash infusion that pays for itself, plus the interest, with the new opportunities and extra income it allows you to create.

Many of our Kabbage customers are new to small business lending. Though they’re familiar with personal loans, they only know the basics of small business loans and lines of credit. For those who “resemble that remark” and for more experienced folks who would like a review of how to get a small business loan here is your expert-researched, Kabbage-curated list of the top five small business loan requirements to get the best possible small business loan.

#1: Strong Credit

The bad news about small business lending is it can be hard to qualify for the best rates and deals. The good news is this decade has more options for good small business loans than any other time in history. You can choose between platform lending. traditional loans (like from a bank) and a variety of hybrid options available from local vendors or via the internet.

This flexibility doesn’t mean your company shouldn’t look as good as possible on paper. Your FICO credit score will figure heavily in any lending decision, so (if time permits) spend time grooming that number in the months prior to applying. Research what other metrics the lenders you want use, and groom them as much as possible, too.

If you have a major ding in your credit, like a repossession or string of late payments, be prepared to discuss them and why things will go better in the future.

#2: Solid Business Plan

Part of understanding how to get a small business loan is ensuring you have a solid business loan. You should have one of these anyway, since a strong business plan is a prerequisite for stellar business success. Traditional lenders will expect to see an updated, professionally prepared business plan as part of the lending process. Lacking one tells them you’re not ready for the “big leagues” and are a bad credit list.

Though platform lenders like Kabbage won’t insist on seeing your formal business plan, similar documents about your social presence, industry statistics and unique market advantages all of which are part of a comprehensive business plan will go into decisions about what to lend you and how much it will cost.

Either way, get a business plan together.

#3: Compelling Personal Resume

Traditional lenders want proof that the people responsible for running a business are qualified to do so, and part of that proof will be seeing the resumes for you and other principles like owners and executive officers. This resume should be as solid, well-edited and up-to-date as any resume you’ve ever sent out.

Consider: the purpose of a resume is to get you the job you want. The purpose of this resume is to get you the job of running the company you want, instead of the company you have.

Platform lenders don’t look at your traditional resume, but they will look at your business’ curriculum vitae in terms of performance metrics and social sharing. Take time to groom those items as substantially as you would a regular resume.

#4: Bulletproofed P L Statements

Like your business plan, you should have these anyway. You should be using your profit and loss statements as part of a robust monthly “vital signs” check for your business. If you’re not doing them, dig into your accounting software for half an hour. You’ll find a tool that compiles P Ls from your records. If you’re not using software to keep track of your financials get started on doing that.

Lenders of all stripes are looking for three things in your P L: reliability, professionalism and ethicality.

  • Reliability – They want evidence that you will be able to make your promised payments, based on enough cash flow to cover the loan. If you don’t, the lender will assume that lending you money is too high a risk.
  • Professionalism – Lenders presented with incomplete, inaccurate or hastily prepared P L statements will assume that your business is similarly disorganized.
  • Ethicality – If you “fudge” your numbers to look better and get caught, you are done with that lender. The decision makers will assume that you cut ethical corners in other places.

#5: Knowledge of the Loan Needed

This is actually the first of the small business requirements that you should address, but we wanted to mention it last so it would be the freshest in your mind. Lending isn’t what it used to be – a situation where you went to a couple of banks, all of which offered the same basic products, and hoped they would agree to give you a loan.

Modern small business lending includes a wide array of traditional, platform and peer-to-peer options with wildly varying qualification requirements and rates of interest. Before you start working in earnest on the other four requirements for your loan, decide what kind of loan you need. That way you won’t waste time and effort preparing the wrong documents.

Do you have a tale of success or woe to share with the Kabbage community about when you aced a loan application or were embarrassingly unprepared? Share your story in the comments below.

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List of TaxTron Tax Preparation Software Products #vending #machines #business

#business tax software


TaxTron’s Tax Preparation Software Products


  • Do your taxes in as little as 10 minutes
  • Easy, step-by-step approach guides you through preparing your taxes
  • The interface looks like your actual tax slips, making it easier to enter your information.
  • Print and file your Canadian income tax returns by mail or NETFILE
  • Government approved by Canada Revenue Agency
  • TaxTron is 100% Canadian-owned and developed
  • TaxTron can be downloaded and you can prepare your return for free, but in order to print or NETFILE your return you will need to purchase a license from our website by going to our Purchase page.

Canada Revenue Limitation

  • Form T1273 only allows 15 occurrences in section 7 and 8.

Revenue Quebec Exclusions

  • TaxTron does not handle tax returns in which there are more than two informations in Section 7 (Expenses incurred to earn income from a partnership (TP-80 lines 485 to 487)
  • TaxTron does not handle tax returns needing more than one form for Costs incurred for work on a building (TP-1086.R23.12)
  • TaxTron does not handle tax returns indicating more than four deductions for Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) in the relevant form Income and Expenses from Rental Property (TP-128)
  • TaxTron does not handle tax returns indicating more than six deductions for CCA in the relevant form Income and Expenses from Business/Profession (TP-80)

TaxTron T1 for Professionals

Prepare unlimited returns for your clients quickly and easily! Generate invoices from within the software. Electronically prepare and submit T1013 and T1135 forms for your clients.

TaxTron Professional is meant for practitioners who have an efiler number. An Efile number is required to electronically file corporate tax returns. You can obtain an Efiler Number from CRA .

  • Mac OS 10.7, or higher and an Intel processor is required. This product will NOT work on OS 10.6 or lower (TaxTron 2010 and earlier requires Mac OS 10.6 or earlier)
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP is required

Note: Users running on Windows XP need to ensure they have downloaded and installed the .NET Framework version 2 or higher package from Microsoft .

Corporate T2 Exclusions

Income Tax Regulation 403 – Insurance corporations
Income Tax Regulation 404 – Banks
Income Tax Regulation 405 – Trust and loan corporations

Schedules not supported by TaxTron

Schedule 042 – Calculation of Unused Part I Tax Credit
Schedule 043 – Calculation of Parts IV.1 and VI.1 Taxes
Schedule 043 – Calculation of Parts IV.1 and VI.1 Taxes
Schedule 045 – Agreement Respecting Liability for Part VI.1 Tax
Schedule 046 – Part II – Tobacco Manufacturers’ Surtax
Schedule 073 – Income Inclusion Summary for Corporations that are Members of Partnerships Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and related provincial forms
Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit and related provincial forms
Digital Media Tax Credit

Provincial forms not supported by TaxTron

Newfoundland and Labrador

Schedule 301 – Newfoundland and Labrador Research and Development Tax Credit
Schedule 303 – Newfoundland and Labrador Direct Equity Tax Credit
Schedule 304 – Newfoundland and Labrador Resort Property Investment Tax Credit

Prince Edward Island

Schedule 321 – Prince Edward Island Corporate Investment Tax Credit

Schedule 344 – Nova Scotia Manufacturing and Processing Investment Tax Credit

Schedule 360 – New Brunswick Research and Development Tax Credit

Schedule 380 – Manitoba Research and Development Tax Credit
Schedule 384 – Manitoba Co-op Education and Apprenticeship Tax Credit
Schedule 385 – Manitoba Odour-Control Tax Credit
Schedule 387 – Manitoba Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit
Schedule 389 – Manitoba Book Publishing Tax Credit
Schedule 392 – Manitoba Data Processing Investment Tax Credits
Schedule 393 – Manitoba Nutrient Management Tax Credit

Schedule 402 – Saskatchewan Manufacturing and Processing Investment Tax Credit
Schedule 403 – Saskatchewan Research and Development Tax Credit
Schedule 410 – Additional Certificate Numbers for the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit

Schedule 421 – British Columbia Mining Exploration Tax Credit
Schedule 425 – (Form T666) British Columbia (BC) Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit
Schedule 426 – British Columbia Manufacturing and Processing Tax Credit
Schedule 428 – British Columbia Training Tax Credit
Schedule 430 – British Columbia Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industry Tax Credit

Schedule 442 – Yukon Research and Development Tax Credit

Schedule 460 – Northwest Territories Investment Tax Credit

Schedule 490 – Nunavut Business Training Tax Credit

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NYSE Stock Market Holiday Closings 2016-2017 #business #degrees

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Wall Street Daily

NYSE Holiday Closings 2016-2017

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is open Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST. However, it closes for official U.S. holidays or in the event of a major disruption. Most U.S. exchanges follow the NYSE s schedule. Below is a complete schedule of NYSE Holiday closings for 2016-2017.

Unexpected NYSE Closings

In addition to holidays, the NYSE may shut down under a variety of circumstances, including inclement weather or national emergencies…

The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865 caused the first extended closure of the NYSE, shuttering the exchange for more than a week.

The exchange was down for five months in 1914 at the onset of World War I. The market didn’t close on December 8, 1941, the day after the Pearl Harbor bombing, but did close for two days in August 1945 to mark the surrender of Japan.

The NYSE closed September 11-14, 2001, following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Of course, the NYSE doesn’t just close for solemn occasions – sometimes they’re celebratory.

For instance, NYSE closed for three days in 1889 to mark the centennial of President George Washington s inauguration. The exchange was also down for three days in 1892 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus arrival in the New World.

And it closed on July 21, 1969 to honor the first moon landing.

Hurricanes, computer failures, and power outages have also prompted unexpected closings of the NYSE. On July 8, 2015, for instance, the computer systems at the NYSE went down for nearly four hours during the day’s trading session.

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Corporate training, training, leadership, team development, BTI, Business training #best #business #banking

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Home Business Training Institute: Corporate Group Training

Business Training Institute: Corporate Group Training

Employees are your most important asset. Are you investing in them like you invest in other parts of your business? Decreasing employee turnover in this more competitive economy can increase your success and profitability. Employees leave a company for many reasons poor management, lack of advancement opportunities, lack of connection to the company vision, job mismatch and more. Providing training and development workshops for your employees can help reduce your turnover in many ways:

Bellevue College’s Business Training Institute (BTI) provides custom and off the shelf workshops that help corporations and nonprofits meet today’s business challenges and adapt to the rapidly changing world. BTI provides:

  • Professional assessment of your organization’s learning needs.
  • Customized programs tailored to your unique needs, KPI’s, and business objectives.
  • Practical, real-world training with industry specific scenarios.
  • Workshops incorporating your culture and industry language.
  • Pre and post training evaluations to prove effectiveness.
  • Learning aids to take away and use again.
  • Facilitators who are industry professionals.
  • Workshops delivered at your site, online or at our North Bellevue campus.
  • A part of the insights and learning of the third largest institution of higher education in the state.

What Makes BTI Different:

  • We offer training in both technical skills and soft skills.
  • Bellevue College is a Technical Center of Excellence.
  • We offer total training needs.
    • Professional Development
    • Front-line Leadership
    • Technical Front-End and Back-End Skills
  • One rate for the instructor and the materials.
  • Flexibility. We can offer workshops in your location or ours.

BTI provides workshops on:

Make your organization as strong as it can be with your people and our training and development resources. Make strong teams, dynamic contributors and effective leaders with us.


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Monkey Business » On a Mission to Make the World More Fun and Yellow

#monkey business


We help people
to implement
new ideas!

Meille apinoille ihminen on tärkein.
Organisaatio on ihmisten päiden, käsien ja sydänten summa. Tavoitteenamme on saada sydämet ja päät toimimaan yhdessä entistä paremmin. Tällöin kädet vapautuvat ja uudenlainen tekeminen luo tekemisen kulttuurin.
Lähestymistapamme on muotoilullinen, eikä meillä ole valmiita vastauksia. Jokainen ongelma ratkaistaan yhdessä ihmisten kanssa, ihmisten tarpeisiin. Avullamme tekijät itse keksivät ratkaisut ja ideat omiin ongelmiinsa.

Tämä referenssi on ollut osa Kokeiluraportti 2/2015 -uutiskirjettämme. Käy vilkaisemassa koko kirje tästä. Emme voi kertoa organisaation nimeä tai hankkeen tarkkoja

Tämä referenssi on ollut osa Yellow Press – Kokeilut 1/2015 -uutiskirjettämme. Käy vilkaisemassa koko kirje tästä. Emme voi kertoa organisaation nimeä

Organisaatiot hakevat jatkuvasti uusia toiminnan muotoja. Toimintaympäristössä tapahtuvat muutokset edellyttävät valmiutta reagoida nopeasti, ketterästi ja tehokkaasti. On löydettävä se, missä

Vuodesta 2006 asti olemme Monkey Busineksessä tutkineet tulevaisuuden organisaatioita. Tutkimusmatkoillamme olemme toteuttaneet yli kaksisataa erilaista kehitysprojektia yli kahdessakymmenessä maassa, viidellä

Katri Viippola kertoo yllä olevalla videolla miksi on valinnut Monkey Busineksen avukseen jo kahdessa eri organisaatiossa.

Monkey Busineksen ensimmäinen virallinen iso keikka elokuussa 2007 oli Strategian lanseeraustilaisuus eräälle yritykselle Pieksämäellä. Se tarjoiltiin Tatulle ja Villelle verkoston

Monkey Business on teille oikea kumppani, jos: Haluatte muutosta toimintatapoihinne, yksinkertaisin keinoin. Haluatte, että muutos on vuorovaikutteinen ja osallistava – ihmiset saavat

Kolmas ydinteoriamme on kirjasta The Leadership Challenge.

Nonakan & Takeuchin kiteyttämä tiedon luomisen teoria on hyvä malli uuden tiedon synnyttämiselle. Tässä yksinkertaistettu malli. 1. Dialogi – käymme dialogia

Toimintamme ytimessä on dialogi. Dialogi on yhdessä puhumista ja ajattelua. Dialogin perusidea on yksinkertainen: kun yksi puhuu, niin muut kuuntelee.

Visiomme: Monkeyn visio on olla Suomelle paras lifestyle-osuuskunta. Teemme töitä sydämestä puhumisen ja välittämisen vallankumouksen puolesta. Meidän unelmamme Suomesta on intohimon

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Start an ATM Business – All Around ATM – Credit Card Processing – Toll

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Just a few of the reasons to start your own ATM business with All Around ATM

We pay you 100% of the Surcharge
Own a franchise with no franchise fees
Each placement brings more income
A suprisingly small portfolio of ATMs can generate incredible revenue
ATMs offer you a reliable source of constant income
Manage your ATM Company from your home
Access all ATM information on line
Most of our start ups earn their entire investment back inside of 6 months then earn profits for years and years
Each ATM placement is win-win. You make the surcharge revenue and the merchant where
you place the ATM makes more in new cash spending

We have the best start up ATM program in the country
Low cost to start up
Work less hours and still build income
Live an unbelievable lifestyle
We sell all of our machines at cost! Which means more money in your pocket.

Why would I want an ATM

Do you want a business that can net well over $100,000 a year, which requires less than an hour a month of your time? I can guarantee you answered yes! With an ATM business, you need no employees or a storefront. It requires a very low start up cost. Your
investment into the ATM machine can be paid back in less than six months. You
can manage your ATM business from home at your own schedule. You may only have
to go to the location of the ATM machine once or twice a month depending on
usage and amount of money stocked in the machine! You can also own an ATM
business, while still working a part-time or full-time job since it requires so
little time!

How do I start my own ATM business?

The ATM business is a very profitable and easy business to get into! Your first and most important step is to find the locations to place the machine. Many people ask, do I have
to own the business to place an ATM machine there? You do not! All you have to
do is approach the business owner and see if they re interested in having an ATM
machine inside their business. Some reasons why a business owner would like a
machine in their business is to lower their credit card costs, see more cash
being spent, as well as to attract customers into their business just by having
an ATM machine on premises. They have no responsibly of the ATM, yet get to
reap all of the benefits! With credit card costs being so high, most business
owners would rather see cash being spent. By having an ATM machine on premises,
they will see cash being spent rather than having to take plastic! Therefore,
they will see lower credit card costs and more cash spending! Once you find the
location on where to place the ATM machine, you purchase the machine. All
Around ATM will come out, install the machine, program it, and train you on how
to work the ATM. You are responsible for stocking your cash inside the ATM
machine, and you keep 100% of all the surcharge revenue profits. You get to
select your surcharge amount. You get to select what you d like displayed on
the screen, as well as what you d like to print on the receipt. You can use
this as an advertisement for your ATM company, or you can advertise the
business that the ATM is placed in. You can even sell this advertisement space!
All Around ATM will set you up with a website where you can monitor your ATM,
so you can see exactly what is happening on your machine IN REAL TIME! As soon
as the machine is installed, you start making money! You can make well over
$100,000 a year on 10 machines. These machines require very little time. On
average, depending on how many times a month you fill the machine, you only
will be spending about 10 minutes in total at the machine. It takes as little
as three minutes to load the machine with cash. It s all very simple, and you
can be making more money working a few hours a year, than most people making
working full time!

What are my start up costs for getting into the ATM business?

You can get started into the ATM business for a very low cost. For as little as $1,599, you can purchase your first machine. You can stock the machine with as little as $500 or as much
as $16,000+. Most customers stock their ATM machines with between $1,000-3,000.
Therefore, you can get started with your first ATM machine for under $3,000.
THERE ARE NO FRANCHISE FEES! You can pay off your ATM machine in the first
three months or less, and everything from then on is a profit. ATM machines can
last as long as 7-8 years or more, allowing you to be collecting money off of
the ATM for many years. At All Around ATM we suggest you start with one or two
machines, and build your ATM business up from there. You can gain a good
understanding of the ATM machines and how they work, and then expand your
business! We have many customers who started with only one ATM machine, and now
have well over 100 machines out in the field!

What types of locations do well with an ATM machine and do you find the location?

All different types of locations do well with an ATM machine, but the most important thing comes down to volume! Businesses that often do well with ATM machines are con stores,
restaurants, night clubs, bars, malls, etc. However, the main thing to look at
when trying to find a good location to place the ATM machine is the amount of
people walking into the business daily. Any type of business that is busy will
do well with an ATM machine. The more people walking through a business, the
more usage the ATM machine will get. As far as the location, you are responsible
for finding it. However, we do have a unique program at All Around ATM. We get
tons of inquires a day for businesses looking for a free placement of an ATM
machine. Often times, the business doesn t qualify for a free placement of the
ATM because the location is out of our service area and the armored carrier
costs are just too high. What we do is we match you up with any business
inquires in your area, allowing you to decide if you want to place an ATM
machine inside their location! We always will pass long these free placements to
you, all FREE OF COST! At All Around ATM, we re always looking to help out our
customers and give them new locations.

Contact us now to start living your dreams!!

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Leadership Development Program #business #jobs

#business training


Leadership Development Program

Lessons in Leadership is a six-month leadership training program designed to develop an organization’s current and future leaders. Lessons in Leadership is a link to the PDF version of this document.

Leadership Program Components

Assessment – The consultant will administer the KnowlEDGE for Leaders assessment. This assessment measures pre-program understanding of leadership and provides a baseline of participant knowledge.

Interviews – The consultant will interview a cross section of people in leadership roles to get a picture of the current leadership challenges.

Classroom – The consultant will facilitate six days of classroom training.

Reading Assignments – The consultant will compile and distribute pre- and post-class assignments involving leading best-selling and specially selected leadership titles of both books and CDs.

Conference Calls – The consultant will hold bimonthly conference calls (divided into smaller groups) to discuss development progress and the reading assignments.

Case Studies – Participants will work in class on real-life case studies specific to their business.

Leadership Course Objectives

Assess, measure, and improve the skills of each leader.

Enhance leadership strengths and improve areas of deficiency.

Develop communication, strategic thinking, team building, and employee development skills.

Maximize effectiveness and business abilities of each leader.

Enhance morale and build loyalty through the commitment to development.

Build an increased sense of team spirit with people from cross-functional roles experiencing the program together.

Seminar Topics

Understanding Leadership Versus Management

Setting Expectations and Accountability

Recognizing and Managing Cultural Differences

Enhancing Listening Skills

Developing Coaching Skills

Practicing Presentation Skills

Practicing Strategic Thinking

Managing for Diversity

Solving Problems and Making Decisions

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Обезьяньи проделки (1952) #business #management #software

#monkey business


Monkey Business (1952)


The exterior shots of the Oxley Chemical Co. office building where Barnaby works was actually the Executive Building on the 20th Century Fox studio lot. It is now known as the Old Executive Building.


Barnaby. I have a new formula.
Mrs. Edwina Fulton. Now barnaby, if you start that all over again, so help me, I’ll.
Barnaby. Oh, I like that dress, yes.
Mrs. Edwina Fulton. Oh, you do.
Barnaby. Uh-huh.
Mrs. Edwina Fulton. Alright, what’s the new formula?
Barnaby. Well, it doesn’t come in packages or bottles. You’re old only when you forget.


Scientists refer to chimpanzees as monkeys. Chimpanzees are apes, not monkeys.




Release Date:

7 November 1952


Country of Origin


8 August 2016 7:29 AM, +02:00 |
The Top Ten Funny Ladies of the Movies

26 July 2016 9:05 PM, +02:00 |
Curious George Creators’ Incredible Escape from Nazi Germany Revealed in New Documentary

User Polls

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  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

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  • Business advice: Business support and advice: Calderdale Council #small #business #help

    #business advice


    Business advice

    Calderdale Council provides a variety of services to all types of business, from start-ups to large established enterprises.

    The Business Development Team can also help with issues such as funding, advice, research and premises. From trading standards and business premises, to how to do business with the council, find out more about business in Calderdale .

    Support and advice is available, to Calderdale companies:

    You can also find information relating to business, such as business rates, business properties, and other information on services on Calderdale Data Works |

    Major emergencies can happen quickly and without warning. They have the potential to threaten and disrupt your business, sometimes with serious consequences. Business Continuity Management is designed to help you to protect your organisation’s essential activities and resources from such disruptions. Contact:

    Business Growth Calderdale supports local businesses who are aspiring to grow, become more competitive and develop new products and services by tailoring support packages around each business to help them achieve their ambition and plans for growth. Business Growth Calderdale is a partnership project between Calderdale Council, Bradford University and Leeds Metropolitan University.

    Business Growth Calderdale is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and as such support is delivered with no cost to your business.

    If your company could benefit from support with:

    For information on whether you may be entitled to help with your business rates telephone (01422) 393699 or visit Business rates .

    If every small business in Calderdale was able to employ a young person we could eradicate youth unemployment in the Borough. If you are thinking of recruiting we can help you to find the right candidate and provide support to both the employer and the apprentice.

    Work experience

    We are looking for companies that can provide a paid work placement for a young person aged 16 – 24. We can provide the company with:

    • Access to supplemental funding
    • In-work support for the company and individual
    • Sourcing and funding training for the client.

    Recruiting an apprentice?

    We support young people with pre-apprenticeship activity to develop their skills and knowledge to maximise their employment potential and become an apprentice. We can help you with:

    • Assistance with funding
    • Recruitment
    • Individual in-work support for the apprentice.

    For more information please contact the Grow Your Future Team:

    Are you looking to relocate or find new premises within Calderdale? We can assist you in your search for commercial, industrial or retail premises for your business. Contact Jon Crowther or Duncan Cooper:

    For further information on grant and finance opportunities, speak to one of our business advisers or refer to Useful organisations .

    Are you looking to reduce the amount of waste you produce and energy your business uses? Does your business want to increase its green profile? Would you like to know more about cutting energy costs in your business?

    For information on how to save money and increase your profits through resource efficiency, visit Green Business Network |

    Are you considering starting a business or developing your existing business within the Calderdale area?

    Calderdale Council’s Business Support Team offer a totally free and confidential service with advice on:

    • Becoming self-employed
    • Starting/developing your business
    • Help with writing a business plan
    • Free business start-up training workshops
    • Start Your Own Business – with drop-in information sessions held monthly at various locations around Calderdale
    • Finding business premises or relocating your business
    • Business networking opportunities
    • Other business support resources, information and fact-sheets.

    For more information, contact Eric Binns:

    Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try the A to Z of Council services.

    • A of Council services
    • B of Council services
    • C of Council services
    • D of Council services
    • E of Council services
    • F of Council services
    • G of Council services
    • H of Council services
    • I of Council services
    • J of Council services
    • K of Council services
    • L of Council services
    • M of Council services
    • N of Council services
    • O of Council services
    • P of Council services
    • Q of Council services
    • R of Council services
    • S of Council services
    • T of Council services
    • U of Council services
    • V of Council services
    • W of Council services
    • X of Council services
    • Y of Council services
    • Z of Council services

    Copyright 2012

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    Primary Database List – WCL Business Database List – Guides at Texas A &

    #business database


    WCL Business Database List Tags: accounting. business. company research. database. economics. finance. human resource development. industry. industry research. information management. law. management. marketing. news. newspapers. operations management. patent. reference. trademark. wcl

    Market Research Reports

    Searchable database of consumer products from around the world

  • RKMA Market Research Handbooks

    – Business-to-Business Marketing 2014/15
    – Casinos,Gaming & Wagering 2010-2013
    – Consumer Behavior 2010-2015/2016
    – Consumer Marketing 2010, 2014/15
    – Entertainment, Media & Advertising 2011-2015/16
    – Healthcare Business 2010-2015/16
    – International Consumer Markets 2014/15
    – Leisure Markets 2010/11-2015/16
    – Restaurant, Food & Beverage Market 2010-2014/15
    – Retail Business 2010-2015/16
    – Sports Marketing 2011-2014/15
    – Travel & Tourism Market 2010-2015/16

    National Consumer Survey Database

    Data of recreational, collegiate, and professional sports

    Advertising media information

  • Warc

    Marketing case studies, advertising data, and consumer information

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