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Business Analyst Salary What Are the Financial Benefits of Being a Business Analyst?

Are you wondering if your business analysis career goals make sense financially? Considering switching careers and wondering if you ll take a short-term salary hit? Simply looking to find out what salary a business analyst makes?

The most recent salary survey of practicing business analysts was conducted by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) in 2013. While the detailed report is available to IIBA members only, I obtained permission to share a few relevant details with our readers.

The report summarizes data from 2,085 responses representing 62 countries. Overall, the findings are positive for those considering a career in business analysis.

Finding #1: The Business Analyst Salary Outpaces Other Professions

In the US, the average business analyst salary is $91,512. This number rose significantly since the $82,493 average salary reported in 2010, and is more than double the median household income.

The report summarized salary figures from five other countries in US dollars:

  • Average Business Analyst Salary in Australia: $111,949
  • Average Business Analyst Salary in Canada: $88,985
  • Average Business Analyst Salary in India: $18,086
  • Average Business Analyst Salary in South Africa: $57,893
  • Average Business Analyst Salary in the United Kingdom: $88,745

Finding #2: More BA Experience = Higher Salary

Across the board, the average business analyst salary increased with years of professional experience. Education did not have a significant impact on salary and in some countries had no impact.

This finding was consistent with the 2010 report. In fact, the 2010 report was more specific and indicated that each year of paid business analysis experience, salary rose by $923. (In contrast, for each year of paid software development experience, salaries only rose by $220.)

The good news for you is that even if you ve never held a titled business analyst job, you may have qualifying business analysis experience. While it s not a direct output of the report, investing the time in discovering your transferable skills and experiences could make a significant difference in your starting salary in your first or next formal business analyst position.

Finding #3: Business Analyst Salaries Diverged Significantly by Industry

In all countries, salaries diverged across industry. For example, in the United States, the lowest paying industry averaged salaries at $81,741 and the highest paying industry averaged salaries at $109,288 .

If you are considering focusing on a specific industry in your business analysis career, the report can help you make a wise financial decision. While exceptions always exist to every average, your choice of industry could have a significant impact on your long-term salary potential as a business analyst.

Increase Your BA Salary

Here are a few posts about getting into a business analyst role and getting noticed for salary-enhancing opportunities:

Learn How to Get Started as a Business Analyst

In How to Start a Business Analyst Career . we discuss all types of business analyst job roles in greater depth and you ll learn how to assess and expand your business analysis skills and experience.

This book will help you find your best path forward into a business analyst career. More than that, you will know exactly what to do next to expand your business analysis opportunities.

Click here to learn more about How to Start a Business Analyst Career

Stay informed about new articles and course offerings.

(You’ll get a free step-by-step BA career planning course too).

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Business Card Design by Contest

Questions we frequently get

You are in control and can set your own budget for the contest, multiple prizes and other customizations that will make your contest appeal more to the designers. Higher prize promotes quality and attracts more designers, resulting in more variations for your new Business Card Design. Customize your Business Card Design contest and see final price by clicking Start a Contest button – You will not be charged until you decide to make your project live.

We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee policy which, unlike other portals, refunds 100% of what you paid. If you don’t like any of the design entries we will refund 100% of your payment.

Yes, every graphic design made here at DesignContest will have Design Copyrights transferred to the client from the designer, unless opted out by client.

Yes, as part of the enhanced privacy feature client can have all who access their Business Card Design project agree to the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

We suggest you start with logo design contest first, define you new design style, then move forward with your business cards and other designs you may need reflecting your new brand identity, colors and theme. You can even ask your contest’s winning designer who really understands your style requirements to complete the rest of the designs through the One-on-One project. You may also start with Logo & Business Cards design contest, which would result in logo & business cards design package.

You’ve come to the right place! One of the biggest benefits of DesignContest crowdsourcing platform is the amount of choice and unique Business Card Designs you will receive with your contest. You can then look through to find elements or entire designs that catch your eye and work with the designers towards that perfect Business Card Design.

Maybe the most difficult part is finding the designer who really understands your needs and design style requirements. This is why it is best to start a contest, find your winner and (as enjoyed by many here) continue working with your designer through One-on-One project individually. We make it easy, simple and fast for anybody to find their designers and get the unique graphic design done in the most efficient way.

The number of entries to expect is often determined by your Business Card Design contest budget. Other customizations like for example Multiple Prizes, Guaranteed Contest and Featured Contest will attract more designers and promote creativity. You can see approximate expected number of design based on your budget and all available Business Card Design contest’s modification and promotions by clicking Start a Contest (no payment is required).

The contest Brief details should ultimately tell the designers what you need in your Business Card Design. Things like your company history, what do you want the design to reflect, how and where the design will be used, what designs or styles you like and don’t like out there, is very helpful to the designers. When starting the contest our easy brief wizard will take you through all the steps that you need to have the complete Business Card Design brief.

Yes! You can upload images and other files for the designers when you start your contest or you can add these files to your contest brief after your contest goes live.

Absolutely! Most contest holder’s take about a week to ask for modifications to their Business Card Design. Once you are happy with the source files, you can close the contest completely and release the funds to the designer.

After you have chosen a winner, the designer has 24 hours to prepare and send you the Business Card Design source files.

DesignContest strives towards excellency customer satisfaction and support. We are here to help you through every step of the way. Please don’t hesitate to reach to us by calling, chatting or emailing at any time.

More Questions and Answers

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The New York Times

From left: Christopher Gregory for The New York Times, Ida Mae Astute / ABC, Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for Turner and Drew Angerer for The New York Times

  • Presidential Debate Moderators Are Set, With Lester Holt for the First

    Chris Wallace, Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper were also picked by the Commission on Presidential Debates. All are first-time presidential debate moderators.

    Beyond ‘Wonka’: They Want Every Kid to Know Roald Dahl’s World

    As the centennial of Mr. Dahl’s birth approaches, the estate of the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” author is developing at least 23 projects based on his works.

    TV Takes a Prime-Time Chance: Kooky Comedy

    NBC, Fox and ABC, dogged by cable, are gambling this season on outside-the-box comedies and quirky niche shows.

    A ‘Nightmare’ Presidential Campaign Ad That Stayed in the Vault

    11:15 AM ET A 1976 commercial referencing the assassination of John F. Kennedy proved to be so unsettling that Gerald R. Ford’s handlers made sure it never aired.

    Peter Naylor: A Sun-Drenched Cubicle, but Hardly the French Riviera

    11:43 AM ET Mr. Naylor, senior vice president for sales at Hulu, the television streaming service, often travels for work and this year went to a festival in Cannes, France.

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    Business Analyst, IT Salary

    Job Description for Business Analyst, IT

    A business analyst, IT, focuses on improving operations that involve information technology within a company. The business analyst offers consultation to management in an effort to help the company become more effective. The IT business analyst will analyze the hardware, software, and IT services that are being employed in a company. Analyses will have to be carried out in order to determine areas that need improvement. It is also important to have strong research skills in order to determine the latest trends and solutions.

    The analyst will then peruse the results and make suggestions as to what should be changed regarding company IT policies, IT structure, and IT operations. When problems are detected, the analyst should carry out problem-solving techniques in order to come up with a solution. When solutions are implemented, the analyst should continue to monitor these solutions to analyze their efficiency and to make continuous improvements. Knowledge of SQL is important, in order to be able to analyze data from databases. The business analyst should be able to carry out analyses, such as cost benefit analyses. Therefore, strong mathematical skills are essential. Presentation and report-making skills are important in order to present the findings to upper management.

    Many positions require a master’s degree in information technology or a related field. Other positions prefer proven experience in IT business analyses over the educational requirements. Many positions offered are full-time. Some positions require that a business analyst works directly for a company, while others work for an agency that provides analyses services to various companies.

    Business Analyst, IT Tasks

    • Identify, communicate, and manage risks associated with projects.
    • Identify business or customer requirements and information technology alternatives.
    • Create project plans for information technology development and testing.
    • Translate requirements into new information technology project specifications.

    Common Career Paths for Business Analyst, IT

    Plan your career path. Drag job titles to investigate a particular path and click on a link to see where particular career can lead.

    IT Business Analysts’ salaries may rise greatly for those who assume a higher-end position such as an IT Program Manager. The average IT Program Manager brings home $112K per year. IT Business Analysts most often move into positions as Information Technology Project Managers or Senior Business Analysts; those groups report median salaries that are $17K higher and $15K higher, respectively.

    Business Analyst, IT Job Listings

    Search for more jobs:

    Popular Employer Salaries for Business Analyst, IT

    IT Business Analysts fill the offices of leading firms J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMCC), Accenture, Hewlett-Packard Company, Wipro Technologies Ltd. and CGI Group Inc. For IT Business Analysts, comfortable salaries can be found at Citibank; in fact, average earnings are around $89K, the highest in the area, though the difference in the company’s lowest and highest employee paychecks ($49K versus $177K) is great. IT Business Analysts will also find cushy salaries at Bank of America Corp. (BOFA) (+$88K), Cognizant (+$82K), and Wipro Technologies Ltd. (+$76K).

    Relative to other names in the field, compensation is very low at CGI Group Inc. — the median salary comes to just $45K, just about half of the top paying company’s median. Other low-paying employers include Humana, Inc. at $55K and HP Enterprise Services at $55K, though some IT Business Analysts there earn up to $104K.

    Popular Skills for Business Analyst, IT

    This chart shows the most popular skills for this job and what effect each skill has on pay.

    Survey results imply that IT Business Analysts deploy a deep pool of skills on the job. Most notably, skills in Requirements Analysis, Business Analysis, Project Management, and Oracle are correlated to pay that is above average, with boosts between 4 percent and 5 percent. Skills that pay less than market rate include HTML, Visual Basic, and Windows Operating System General Use. The majority of those who know Business Analysis also know Project Management and Microsoft Office.

    Pay by Experience Level for Business Analyst, IT

    Median of all compensation (including tips, bonus, and overtime) by years of experience.

    For IT Business Analysts, more experience in the field does not usually mean bigger paychecks. Those in the early stages of their career can expect to make around $61K; however, individuals with five to 10 years of experience bring in $76K on average — a distinctly larger sum. IT Business Analysts with one to two decades of relevant experience report an average salary of approximately $85K. Respondents who claim more than 20 years of experience may encounter pay that doesn’t quite reflect their extensive experience; these veterans report a median income of around $88K.

    Pay Difference by Location

    San Francisco offers some of the highest pay in the country for IT Business Analysts, 25 percent above the national average. IT Business Analysts will also find cushy salaries in New York (+18 percent), Los Angeles (+17 percent), Boston (+11 percent), and Seattle (+8 percent). With compensation 5 percent below the national average, St. Louis is not known for hefty paychecks and actually represents the lowest-paying market. Employers in Austin and Washington also lean toward paying below-median salaries (4 percent lower and 2 percent lower, respectively).

    Business Analyst, IT Reviews

    What is it like working as a Business Analyst, IT?

    Business Analyst, IT in Los Angeles:

    Pros: I love the vast array of knowledge that I have gained just to be able to do my job. Bouncing from client to client, I need to learn (quickly, might I add) new skills and gain expertise in a new area so I can do my job well. It can be stressful at times, but I love the challenge, and feel I am a better all-around person now.

    Cons: Sometimes my schedule is hectic, and it prevents me from being able to enjoy the things I like to do at home.

    Business Analyst, IT in Vancouver:

    Pros: Interesting software and analysis to learn. And a diverse team of developers and analysts to work with.

    Cons: The pay and sometime mundane testing periods of the software.

    Business Analyst, IT in Topeka:

    “Work as middle man between developers and system users.”

    Pros: I like testing new systems and trying to break them!

    Cons: I dislike the politics that come from upper level management.

    Business Analyst, IT in Auburn Hills:

    Pros: I get to help people solve problems they have with our software everyday and work with developers to make it better.

    Cons: Stressful timeline that is hard to predict.

    Business Analyst, IT in Lubbock:

    Pros: I most enjoy the changes that each day brings. Nothing stays the same in the healthcare industry, and you have to stay focused every day.

    Cons: I least like the lack of accountability that people want to take. It is very difficult to get certain tasks and projects completed when people do not want to take responsibility for them.

    Related Job Salaries

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    Business Card Maker: DIY Design Templates #business #grants

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    The Only Business Card Maker That Gives You a Logo as Well!


    Our business card maker uses design templates that are different and unique. From simple to elegant to modern, we have all the right design combinations for you to create business card designs for your business industry.

    Use our business card maker to choose a design that reflects your personal self as well as your business. Customize your business card templates to distinguish your business from your competitors. Become outstanding today!

    Easy & Fast business card designs are easy customize and download. Simply choose from our gallery, insert your details, and download. In three simple steps, and almost no time at all, you have your business card design ready for printing. And if you don’t like your design, you can amend as you like.

    At DesignMantic, we save you the hassle of choosing and bargaining with a designer. Instead, we let you use your precious time and get started on creating your business card in a fast and easy manner so you can get started with your own business. All this at affordable price.

    Advanced Tool

    Our advanced HTML 5 business card maker will thrill you because it is that easy to use. With a few clicks you will be able to choose your business card design and download it as well. Our tool is easy to use, effective and let you customize your business card as and when you like it.

    Why wait for someone else when you can create your own with our free business card maker. Choose a design, change the color, select a font or simply insert your details – you can manipulate the card design chosen as you like. Then move on to download in no time. Try it, and you will not regret it.

    Business Card Template Samples

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    Business Attire

    What exactly is Business Attire? The term is used frequently, but can mean different things depending on the setting. Unless specified as business casual, one should assume business attire refers to business professional attire. There are a few generally accepted do s and don t s regarding attire in the workplace and other similar settings, which are explained below. The setting highly dictates what is and is not acceptable, and thus individual interpretation is expected.

    Business Casual Business Professional

    Business Casual

    The key to business casual is exactly what the name implies; it s not quite business professional, but not casual either. You want to aim for attire that would be appropriate in a casual office setting. Typically, you should steer clear of denim, such as jeans, although the individual setting may allow for a dark-wash, clean cut jean to be worn. If you are unsure of the setting, air on the side of caution and go with a crisp pair of khakis, which will work in any setting described as business casual.

    Some examples of what may be worn in typical business casual attire are as follows:

    • Skirt, khakis, or pants
    • Open-collar shirt, knit shirt or sweater (no spaghetti straps or décolleté)
    • Dress
    • Flats, heels, or nice sandals; no flip-flops, sneakers, or unprofessional heels
    • Seasonal sport coat or blazer with slacks or khakis
    • Dress shirt, casual button-down shirt, open-collar or polo shirt
    • Loafers or loafer-style shoes or closed-toe dress shoes

    Business Professional

    Business professional is a more clear-cut set of guidelines. Picture what comes to mind when you think of a corporate, business setting. Most people will be wearing suits, jackets, and the like. Neutral and darker colors are common, as well as simple choices when it comes to jewelry and shoes. Typically, this style of dress is what you will wear to a job interview. You can t go wrong with a matching suit or suit-style outfit and simple, dark colored shoes. If you want to express your personality, a nice pocket square or tie, and simple necklace can accentuate your ensemble without breaking the rules of professional attire.

    Some examples of what may be worn in typical business professional settings are as follows:

    • Business-style dress
    • Dress with a jacket
    • Plain heels, typically closed-toe, or flats with closed-toe; either in simple styles and plainer colors
    • Suit; typically darker tones including black and dark gray; pants or skirt (knee length) acceptable
    • Button-up shirt
    • Tie; pocket square optional
    • Jewelery should be simple and not distracting
    • Professional dress shoes and dark dress socks

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    Business Insurance

    Why Choose Business Insurance from The Hartford?

    Whether you require business insurance for a small business, a mid-size operation or a large corporate enterprise, The Hartford s business insurance specialists can help you tailor a solution to address the risks typical of your industry and unique to your company.

    Our business insurance teams specialize by industry and business size so small businesses get the attention they deserve from dedicated small business insurance specialists, while larger businesses work with industry specialists experienced in middle or large commercial risks.

    Helping large and small businesses through unexpected events has been a priority for The Hartford for more than 200 years. Today, we are a leading provider of business insurance solutions designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses and large commercial enterprises across a wide range of industries.

    • More than 1 million small business owners trust The Hartford for their small business insurance.
    • For more than 30 years, The Hartford has had a team of small business insurance specialists dedicated to serving small businesses.
    • Our claims experience consistently earns industry leading ratings and reviews from our small business insurance customers and our middle and large business clients.
    • Ethisphere Institute named The Hartford a World s Most Ethical Company for the eighth time in 2016.

    These are just some of the reasons you can trust The Hartford to help protect your business. Be confident that you can prevail against the unexpected; talk to your agent or a business insurance specialist at The Hartford and get a quote on your business insurance policy. For small business insurance, many small businesses can even get a quote online.

    Tailor your business insurance coverage.

    For more than 200 years, The Hartford has helped insure small businesses and larger entities through calamities, crises, and unexpected events. We have deep experience insuring large and small businesses, a broad array of business insurance coverage options and specialists who are eager to help you tailor a solution that s right for your company.

    To learn more about the range of insurance coverages The Hartford offers small businesses and larger operations, visit our Business Insurance Coverages page or go directly to a specific coverage:

    Looking for Business Insurance Coverage?

    The Hartford makes it easy to get a business insurance quote online or through an agent.

    The company we keep.

    How do you know The Hartford is the right choice for your business insurance needs? Just check out the company we keep!

    Renowned and respected organizations and associations have partnered with us to offer The Hartford s small business insurance coverage to their members. Learn more about organizations that are proud to team up with us on our commitment to help small businesses prevail through the unexpected with small business insurance coverage from The Hartford.

    Beyond small business insurance coverage, our small business customers get access to valuable services through these trusted partners .

    Looking for Business Insurance Coverage?

    The Hartford makes it easy to get a business insurance quote online or through an agent.

    The Hartford is here when you need us.

    Four out of ten small businesses are likely to have a property or general liability claim within the next ten years, according to an analysis of The Hartford s small business insurance claims. That s why The Hartford is here 24/7 to help small businesses recover from property damage, professional errors, weather events, accidents, data loss, theft, employee-related issues and other risks.

    Online or by phone, you can reach an experienced claims specialist who is dedicated to getting you the help you need to get your small business back up and running as quickly as possible.

    Helping customers like you prevail.

    Jenny and Marc Seguinot uncovered an embezzlement scheme at their law firm. They generously share their story of how The Hartford and their small business insurance policy helped them recover from their loss and regain their confidence.

    Looking for Business Insurance Coverage?

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    International Business #business #administration #jobs

    #international business


    International Business

    Doing business internationally

    More and more companies do business internationally. In order for companies to compete internationally, they need to analyse and understand the global market place and its complexity. This is done by analysing the business environment, which is the core of this programme.

    The international business environment

    In this programme you gain knowledge of current market trends, such as customer needs, in different industries, as well as solid knowledge of financial market developments. You learn how to analyse different business environments in advanced economies, and you will also be exposed to emerging markets. You will learn how to analyse different business environments and you will understand the development of international business in emerging markets as well as the role of emerging market firms in the global economy. The interdisciplinary approach in this programme, building on insights from business strategy, finance, corporate governance and politics, gives you an understanding of the international environment that companies operate in. In addition you also gain knowledge about the internal factors of an international company, such as management and international decision-making.

    Business strategy and competitive advantages

    You learn about the challenges of formulating and implementing strategies in companies that are active on an international scale. Strategy is seen in relation to how the firm interacts with other firms and the external environment more broadly. This requires strategic analysis of the competitive landscape and the firm’s industry as well as knowledge about the internal strengths and weaknesses of the firm with focus on out-performing competitors.

    More information about International Business


    International Business is a two-year master’s programme that is divided into 4 semesters. The autumn semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January; and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June.

    First and second semester consist of compulsory courses, third semester of elective courses and fourth semester finishes off the programme with the master thesis

    Additional options

    When studying International Business, you can apply to the CEMS MIM programme. which is a double degree in Interntional Management. It provides you with both the MSc degree and the CEMS in International Management.
    You can also use part of your third semester to obtain a minor in one of the specialised minor programmes.

    Course overview

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    Austin Business Journal – Print Media – 111 Congress Avenue, Downtown, Austin, TX –

    #austin business journal


    Austin Business Journal

    Decent read for catching local happenings in the business community. I always look forward to the annual publication of the Book of Lists -… Read More

    Decent read for catching local happenings in the business community. I always look forward to the annual publication of the Book of Lists – rankings of businesses in Austin within their field.

    There are more reviews to see!

    Jesse M.

    Decent read for catching local happenings in the business community. I always look forward to the annual publication of the Book of Lists – rankings of businesses in Austin within their field.


    1 review that is not currently recommended

    Sign in today to share photos, add tips, and bookmark your favorite businesses on Yelp.

    Aww, your browser has JavaScript turned off!

    Example: There are a few times in life when a meal is so expertly crafted and planned that it is nothing short of genius. Last night, I had one of those meals – the Mahi Mahi.

    The dish was excellently prepared. Grilled, juicy, and fresh without a hint of fishiness. A glaze of tangerine sauce brought a hint of tart sweetness. The fish was placed on a mound of sweet plantain rice. The combination of the fish and rice alone was to die for!

    However, as only expert chefs can achieve, additional garnishes provided even bolder, beautiful tastes. Pickled onions topping the fish made for an even finer taste experience, while green beans hidden under the fish added freshness and completed each bite

    Download the app

    Get those thumbs ready to leave a review using the Yelp Mobile App!

    Austin Business Journal

    More Business Info

    Is this your business? Claim your business page to respond to reviews and privately message customers.

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    In the media: Laura Roberts, CEO Pantheon Enterprises and Austin Business Journal #business #cards

    #austin business journal


    In the media: Laura Roberts, CEO Pantheon Enterprises and Austin Business Journal

    Austin Business Journal “Face 2 Face” speaker series with Laura Roberts, CEO, Pantheon Enterprises

    Chad Swiatecki
    Staff Writer Austin Business Journal

    To become the successful CEO of a forward-thinking chemical company, Laura Roberts had to go from grade school to the school of hard knocks.

    During the Austin Business Journal’s monthly Face 2 Face series event Tuesday at Whole Foods Market Inc. s Austin headquarters, Roberts talked about the journey from teaching, which had been her lifelong passion, to leading Phoenix-based Pantheon Enterprises. The company, which has about 50 employees and customers such as Vista Outdoor, is innovating in the world of manufacturing chemicals by creating new formulas that have no negative impact on health or the environment.

    Roberts became involved in the business world by helping to manager her father’s small but unprofitable cleaning chemicals business after his death, learning that she’d have to turn the company in a new direction for it to survive. Concern over the negative effects of many industrial chemicals, and concern over the world her children would inherit, caused her to take a green approach to the business.

    “When I was younger I was a tree hugger and I had a Kill Corporate America T-shirt,” she said. “But a big shift happened when I realized how much good we could do. The real bulk of the work is figuring out how you get people to change.”

    Launching a whole new company wound up being the best strategy for making Roberts’ newfound passion a reality, but it wasn’t easy. She said she was denied by potential investors 300 times before she found one that believed in her vision.

    “Only take money from shareholders who are purpose-aligned with you,” she said of turning down term sheets from venture capitalists who wanted almost immediate liquidity. “Not having that can kill the deal, or you later have to sell to get out from under them.”

    Holding tight to her vision and belief that industrial companies can operate in an environmentally friendly way led Forbes magazine to call Roberts “The Toxic Avenger” in a company profile. She has embraced that characterization because it helped bring attention to the cause that Pantheon is trying to further.

    “You’re in business to maximize shareholder value, but we’re trying to raise the discourse,” she said. “If you’re building profits on the backs of the general population then you’re not really approaching it right. The more transparent you are, the more your shareholders love you.”

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