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Call Center Software that transforms customer service

Unleash the power of putting your Customers first strategy in your Business by deploying our Cloud based VoIP Call Center Solutions and lead your organization into a well managed, cost efficient, with greater performance, enhanced ROI and a brand which everyone Trusts. Our powerful and feature rich Call Center Solutions are extremely flexible, quick to deploy and comes under your budget. Ultimately your Call Center will be a Winner in all Fronts!

The smart way to delight your customers

Customers expect great customer service! VoIP4Callcenters has designed and developed such Superior Quality Cloud based VoIP Solutions for Call Centers to empower you to deliver exceptional customer service to your customers and enable you to do business anytime, anywhere. Our VoIP Call Center Solutions are 99.9999% reliable, flexible and scalable. With dedicated efforts of our R D team we provide most advanced and latest features at most competitive rates. Using our features such as Auto Attendant, Call Queue, Call Waiting, Music on Hold, IVR, Auto Dialer, VoiceMail, Voice Broadcasting, Internet Fax, Click to Call etc. your customers will be very delighted and satisfied and it will be a competitive advantage for you in the industry.

VoIP Auto Dialer

VoIP4Callcenters provides Preview, Progressive and Predictive VoIP Auto dialer to quickly and automatically make multiple outbound calls using a preselected contact list leading to lots of time and cost saving.

VoIP Termination

VoIP4Callcenters offers Carrier Grade 100% High Quality Wholesale A-Z VoIP Voice Termination services for destinations all over the world. SIP Termination for unparallel Superior Quality Voice Calls at amazingly low costs.

VoIP Solutions

VoIP4Callcenters provides powerful, secure, flexible VoIP Solutions for all of your Business Communication needs. Our VoIP Solutions are trusted by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

VoIP Numbers

VoIP4Callcenters offers Toll Free Numbers and DID Numbers which can be forwarded to any Landline, Mobile, SIP, Skype, Gmail or IP PBX System with most advanced features like Auto Attendant, Call Recording at most competitive rates.

VoIP Business

VoIP4Callcenters offers cost efficient Top Quality Flexible Hosted VoIP Business Solutions within small part of your current budget to mobilize your work force and transform your business. Reduce your current costs by at least Half.

Call Center Solutions

Streamline all of your Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Telecommunication Services with VoIP4Callcenters’s Call Center Solutions which are customizable as per needs of Call Centers, BPO, SMB or Large Enterprises.

Manage Your Communications from Anywhere

By deploying VoIP4Callcenters’s VoIP Call Center Solutions you get leverage of our cloud based solutions which will enable you to manage your business anywhere anytime. Our cost efficient VoIP Call Center Solutions has full spectrum of features and give you flexibility and mobility to work and manage your business operations from any geo-location using our Web Based Online Admin Portal.

  • Manage Admin Portal from Desktop PC or Mobile
  • Manage all inbound and outbound calls easily
  • Identify bottlenecks, issues, employee’s productivity and ratings
  • Can Improve Quality of Customer Service by monitoring and analysis of call recordings
  • Flexibility: Customize as per your Business.
  • Deploy Fast: Start working in 24 hours.
  • Seamless Integration: API & CRM integration.
  • Mobility: Locate Agents anywhere you need.
  • Hosted: Work/Manage from any PC, Mobile.
  • 99.9999 % Uptime: Never lose an opportunity.
  • Phone, Text, Email: Unified communication.
  • Powerful Capabilities: Rich Calling Features.
  • Quality Assurance: Real-Time Monitoring.


Become a Winner in all fronts, be it sales, marketing, customer service, employee and customer satisfaction or efficiency and productivity in your Call Center! VoIP4CallCenters Solutions for Business Call Center is delivered from the internet and is hosted in the cloud, at our most reliable servers. No need to setup any hardware in your office, no need to spend on any maintenance. Our customers are saving more than 50% as compared to traditional carriers each month. We offer over 40 Business-Class Premium Features with Business Call Center Solutions.

How to upgrade to VoIP Call Center Solutions?

Now most of the world is internet based and moving to cloud and voip based solutions. Time is ripe now to witness cheap VoIP technology therefore optimum time to upgrade your old Phone Systems.

Business Features in Toll Free / DID Numbers !

Don’t you want to have a phone number which has advanced set of 40 plus business features which can give a propellent to your business and boost your revenue and profit tremendously.

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