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Business Management Software


Sports Business Manager is built to support the financial needs of both small and large sports teams of all types. Improve invoicing and expensing processes, including the tracking of dues, entry fees, travel funds, sales, fundraising, and more with the do-it-all tools of Business Manager. Designed for the non-accounting person, the system is incredibly easy to use, yet powerful enough to manage multiple sites and an unlimited number of families. By handling entry fee escrows and fundraising, your teams can consolidate all checking/saving accounts into one account and Business Manager will keep the funds separate. Gain more operational oversight by running reports on address lists, family rosters, attendance lists, mailing labels, age group rosters, USS card lists for swimming, account balances and transactions. Entry fee charges can be imported from HY-TEK’s Team or Meet Manager.


Sports Business Manager Advanced Options:

Quick Billing

Quick billing is all about saving you time! Establish fee structures and automatically process monthly charges for hundreds of athletes in a matter of seconds. You can also charge a one-time fee to any group of athletes or families, easily and without hassle.

Checkbook Ledger

Say goodbye to numbers that don’t match up. With the Checkbook Ledger option, you can balance your checkbook and categorize payments and deposits for easy-to-read business reports, including payroll reports. Stay on top of finances by creating a budget that details your income and expenses, showing whether you are “over” or “under” during any period of months.

Invoice Emailing

Eliminate the hassle and cost of printing by automatically emailing invoices to your swimmers and parents. It’s quick, easy and will save you hundreds of dollars on postage!


Sports Business Manager Pro is designed for sports organizations that need to “share” the Sports Business Manager database. With Pro, you can access the database from multiple computers, allowing you to delegate responsibility to your staff and ensure everyone has the most current financial information. Sports Business Manager Pro is supported by any standard peer-to-peer network and comes with various login options, so you retain control over database access.



Managing the financial tasks involved in running a swim team can be complicated and time consuming. Some of the teams using HY-TEK Business Manager to make this a snap include:

  • Clayton Shaw Park Swim Team
  • Edge Aquatics
  • McAllen Swim Club
  • Alief Aquatic Club
  • Westmont Swim Club
  • Boca Swim Academy
  • Seagulls Swimming Club
  • Orcas Swim Club
  • South Louisiana Swim Team
  • Vincennes Swim Team
  • Scenic City Aquatic Club
  • Elk Grove Swim Club
  • Taunton Deane Swimming Club
  • Central Illinois Aquatics
  • Council Bluffs Swim Club
  • Crimson Aquatics
  • T.E.A.M. Swim Team
  • Sarpy County Swim Club
  • Barnstaple Swimming Club
  • DC Recreation & Park Swim Team
  • Sea Dragons Swim Club
  • Mid Sussex Marlins
  • Aces Swim Club
  • Kodiak Kingfishers Swim Team
  • Rappahannock Raiders Swim Club
  • Big Gator Swimming
  • YMCA of McHenry County Piranhas
  • Millard Aquatic Club
  • Marietta Family YMCA
  • Prince Rupert Amateur Swim Club
  • Aer Lingus Swimming Club
  • Jerry L. Garver YMCA
  • Shockwave Aquatic Team
  • JCC Sailfish
  • VACS Southside YMCA
  • WSY Swimming
  • Tidal Wave Swim Team
  • Tiger Aquatic Club
  • Angleton Aquatic Club
  • Bengal Tiger Aquatic Club

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