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Business Local

Local support for your small business

Business Local advisers provide free* advice and guidance to help you start and grow your business – and being local, they really understand how things work in your area.

  • planning for success
  • using the web to grow your business
  • marketing your products and services
  • managing your finances
  • employing staff
  • getting paid on time

Find your nearest Business Local provider.

What is Business Local?

Business Local is our outreach service providing access to free* advice and guidance to current and aspiring small business owners across Western Australia. It will be made clear when you are receiving the free of charge Business Local service. You may choose to use the providers’ other services but you will be under no pressure or obligation to do so.

* Business advisory appointments are free, however there may be a charge if you attend a workshop or receive services not covered by the Business Local service. You will be clearly advised before incurring any costs.

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