Business Loans, start up business loans.#Start #up #business #loans

First Enterprise is here to help businesses to grow and flourish

Raising business finance and continuing business growth is key to keeping the cogs of any business turning. Through our Enterprise Loans East Midlands and South East Midlands programme we deliver business lending of between 3,000 and 150,000 to help entrepreneurs flourish and existing business to grow.

Our rates are competitive and our loans are always tailored to you. To find out if you could be eligible to receive business finance or a Start-Up loan, please contact us or read more below.

Start up business loans




Businesses in any sector can apply for a Start Up Loan

The Start Up Loans Company is a UK-wide, government backed scheme, which offers a repayable loan to individuals over the age of 18 who have a viable business idea but no access to finance. The scheme funds businesses in every sector. As well as financial backing all loan recipients are given access to a mentor, free training events and exclusive business offers.

There are no fees incurred for obtaining a Start Up Loan or for accessing any services that are associated with it (with the exception of certain business offers, which are entirely optional). To find out about any offers that Start Up Loans Company have secured, through Corporate Partnerships go to

Enterprise Loans East Midlands is part of a network of official Start Up Loans delivery partners across the UK who administer the scheme.

We are here to guide you through the application process, including advice on creating a business plan and cash flow forecast. If you receive a loan we will then support you through your journey, providing you with your business mentor.

The Start Up Loans programme is not grant-based funding. It offers finance in the form of loans only, with monthly loan repayments forming a primary condition of the loan agreement applicants accept and sign.

Failure to make any repayments may affect your credit score and in certain circumstances may lead to formal action.

Start up business loans

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