Business Card Design: 100 Creative Examples, Useful Tutorials and Templates, business card designs.#Business #card #designs

Business Card Design: 100+ Creative Examples, Useful Tutorials and Templates

As the world gets flatter each day, business and start-up are blooming like mushrooms. This can only lead to one possible situation competitions are tightening up. There s only one chance to give a good first impression to your potential clients. Business card speaks for a brand and they are a good and effective tool to impress and maintain relationship with clients. However if your business card is plain and dull, it can only tell so much of your company s image.

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There are no rules for creative card design. Custom shapes cuts, spot UV, matte finishing etc are all playing factors but the crucial part is always an eye-catching design, whether it s graphical, typographical or just simple great ideas.

In today s article, we proudly present a series of truly creative business card design together with tutorials and template that you can start with. Here s a list of a collection of 100+ Creative Business Cards, Templates and Tutorials. Full list after jump.

Examples of Creative Business Card

Wood, Plastic and Metal. These unorthodox materials for a business card can draw susbtantial attention to anyone looking at it for the first time. The texture itself feels unique too, and all these can leave behind a good impression for the company.

Standard size, just creative designs. Unsurpingly, visually captivating designs imprint on a person s memory deeper than dull or plain designs. A creative tagline that gives people food for thought can also be remembered better.

Doing the Google thing If you are pretty confident in the ranking of certain keywords, why not try these? Here are several examples.

Minimalist. A minimalist approach to business card design attempts to focus a person s attention to where it matters most: The company s or organization s name or logo. Despite such simplicity, the design can still be creatively done through careful arrangements of wordings and logo.

Creative cuts custom shapes. Not your usual 3.5 x 2 inches business card, but definetely rocks!

Free Card Templates

If budget is a concern, here are some business card templetes you can start with, but do check with respective owners though. These templates come in Photoshop PSD and Corel Draw CDR format. You can convert .CDR to .PSD.

Black Card by elhadibrahimi

Modern business card by psdgraphics

PnP consult by logotypes

Gold and Black Business Card by elhadibrahimi

Codex by CODEX007

Business Card Template by alpha-100

Tutorials to Design your own card

It s always utmost satifying if your business card is a creation of yourself. Here are some tutorials to give you an idea how to design a business card right from scratch.

Business Card layout by alfoart

Design a Print Ready Business Card for Designers by Chris Spooner Follow this walkthrough in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to create your own double sided business card design, resulting in a print-ready file to send to your favoured print firm.

Grungy Business Card by luxa This tutorial will walk you through setting up a vertical grungy business card template, front to back and ready to print.

Print-Ready Business Card Using Only Photoshop by Collis Design up a simple business card in Photoshop and get it ready for print with crop marks and bleed.

Cardboard And Torn Paper Business Card by pshero Create a nice cardboard effect and play with a neat torn edge effect.

Making your business cards dynamic in Illustrator by Veerle Pieters (Illustrator tutorial) Smarter way to have your business card print-ready.

Further Readings

Last but not lease, we ll leave you with some interesting and useful articles on business card design.

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