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Business and Management

Understanding the language of business leads to sustainable success.

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We understand business activities are the key drivers of economic growth worldwide. But we also know that growth needs to be sustainable. That’s why we offer business courses at Swinburne.

Our business courses take you on an exploration of the fast-moving and challenging business, financial and management fields. We encourage you to be innovative and socially responsible, and teach you business skills and practices so you can lead, develop and change any enterprise, anywhere in the world. It’s just a matter of choosing the course that suits the future you can picture.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have the confidence and skills to apply your knowledge to the workplace.

A business course could lead to a future in accounting, data analysis, entrepreneurship, human resources, marketing and beyond.

We think it’s an experience that makes the adventure worth taking.
Come, see for yourself.

Student experience

Hear about Jacqueline’s journey from haute couture hair stylist to marketing student at Swinburne.

Student achievement


‘It all started on a Tuesday night at a pub near uni.’

Entrepreneur Dominic Godsworthy, who is studying business at Swinburne, has created Cloakr, Australia’s first and only digital cloakroom for nightclubs and event spaces.

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