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Wages rise to the sound of one hand clapping

Insipid wage growth is fast becoming the economy’s biggest problem. It will post a rise this week, but not enough to change things.

ANZ and NAB to pay $100m to settle rate-rigging case

ANZ and NAB will pay a collective $100 million penalty for their involvement in the rigging of overnight bank bill swap rates after an settlement was ratified by the Federal Court.

RBA edges down growth outlook, sees gradual inflation rise

Australia’s central bank remains optimistic about economic prospects, despite little evidence that wage growth will pick up.

News Corp almost doubles Q1 earnings, boosted by REA Group

All of News Corp’s business segments contributed to its solid quarterly results, but its standout division was digital real estate services.

BHP Billiton announces 120 new jobs at Olympic Dam operations

Mining giant BHP will create dozens of new jobs at its operation near Roxby Downs in South Australia’s far north over the next year, in another sign the state’s mining industry is enjoying a positive turnaround.

Why are multi-nationals like Amazon still investing here if the company tax rate is such a turn-off?

There is one thing missing from the demand from big business for a cut in company tax. Evidence to support its case, writes Andrew Robertson.

Wall St tumbles on fears of delayed tax cuts, ASX to open lower

Investors dumped their shares after digesting reports that the Republicans’ highly-touted corporate tax cuts could be delayed until 2019.

Public opinion behind Adani loan backflip, Queensland Treasurer admits

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt admits public opinion swayed Labor’s mid-campaign backflip on Adani’s Commonwealth loan.

How French energy giant Engie plundered $1b from Australia ahead of carbon tax

At the same time as it was crying poor and calling for carbon tax compensation, French energy giant Engie was preparing to shift $1 billion out of its Australian subsidiaries. The Paradise Papers reveal how it went down.

Property market softens as investors exit, allowing first home buyers a foot in the door

Property investors appear to be feeling the pinch from tougher lending rules and higher interest rates, with a surprise slump in loans in September.


Australia s adoption of electric cars

In the race to adopt electric vehicles, Australia is sputtering along in the slow lane. Rather than growing, Australian sales of electric cars are actually in decline. Here’s why.

Life insurers discriminating

Medical researchers call for a temporary ban on insurers collecting information on genetic testing, saying people are not taking advantage of new technology because they are scared of losing insurance cover.

Is company tax uncompetitive?

There is one thing missing from the demand from big business for a cut in company tax. Evidence to support its case, writes Andrew Robertson.

Sheryl Crow royalties fall flat

It was supposed to be CBA’s bold foray into profiting from pop stars including Sheryl Crow, John Denver and The Ramones, but by late 2014 the investment had crashed.

Why tax avoidance matters

The huge transfer of income to tax havens by the rich and powerful has a range of impacts on public services, writes Stephen Long.

Conveyancing charges may rise

West Australian conveyancers warn buying and selling property may come with higher costs if the McGowan Government’s push to electronic conveyancing gets through.

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