Building Signs: Hanging, Site & Directional Signage by Signarama #small #business #startup

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Building signs are any type of sign that a business uses to display the company name or logo on the building. Whether the sign is comprised of dimensional letters, a sandblasted sign face, a vinyl sign face, a lightbox, or a set of channel letters they all work to serve a common purpose to showcase or identify the business to their existing and potential clients. First impressions are key so why not contact your local Signarama location today to start your building sign project!

Material Type and Sizes:

  • Sizes vary depending on application and viewing distance. Signs can range from 2-3 ft across to 40ft or more
  • Aluminum, brass, acrylic, channel letters, and lightboxes

Use, Longevity UV Stability:

  • Permanent Outdoor
  • Professionally promotes business location


  • Store front Sign
  • Business Sign
  • Office Front Sign
  • Industrial Park/Warehouse Sign

Life Expectancy:

  • Outdoor 5+ years
  • Note: There is no guarantee of life expectancy as climate conditions vary

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