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Business Entity Search/Advance Search

Search by entity name or file number for a current, Active entity or an historical, Inactive entity (one that is dissolved or terminated). Search for a statutory agent or an officer/director/member/manager using an individual’s name. Search under Old Business Name for information on entities that have changed their name in the past.

“Search For” – Use the drop-down list to select the category under which you want to search. It defaults to Entity, which includes only Active corporations and limited liability companies.

“Search Type” – Use the drop-down list to select a Search Type category. If you know the File Number of the entity, you can select “File Number.” If you know the first word or couple of words that the entity name begins with, you can pick “Starts with.” Keep in mind that searching common words, such as the word “Arizona,” will return too many results. In that case, use the first several words of the entity name. If you only know a part of the name or want to find an entity or individual with a particular word in its name, then select “Contains.” Words should be separated by a space – special search characters or wildcards are not required.

“Name” or “File Number” – Depending upon the Search Type you selected, enter the entity name or words you want to search for, or enter the exact file number.

“Active/Inactive” – The search defaults to Active records. To search for inactive entities (dissolved or terminated entities), choose “Inactive” from the drop-down menu.

“Entity Type” – The default search is against all entity types, including both domestic (Arizona) and foreign (non-Arizona) entities. To search only foreign entities, for example, to search for the True Name of a foreign entity registered in this state under a fictitious name, under “Entity Type,” select “Foreign – All.”

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