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Business Internet

Business Internet Features

  • Free TWC WiFi® Hotspot so you can offer your customers and visitors wireless Internet access, an amenity they expect
  • Free access to the TWC and partner WiFi network across the U.S. for you and your employees
  • One dynamic IP address included (static IP addresses available for a low monthly rate with a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps)
  • A wide selection of optional cloud add-on services, including Web Hosting and Online Backup. to meet your unique business needs

    Product Details

    Business Internet Overview

    Fast, reliable Internet service is a necessity to use technologies vital in today’s marketplace. High bandwidth helps your business use cloud-based applications, share files, stream videos and so much more.

    Our high-performance Business Internet, delivered over our fiber rich-network, provides a reliable connection that meets the needs of any business, helping you increase productivity. Choose the speed that fits your business and get started today.

    Enjoy 24/7 dependable customer service and quick installation.

    More Internet and Ethernet Services

    Featured Resources

    Interactive Quiz: Is Your Internet Keeping Up With Your Business?

    Customize your Internet service with these options

    * Additional charges apply for taxes, surcharges, fees, installation, and construction. At the end of the term, regular rates apply. Early-termination fee may apply. All services not available in all areas. Actual speeds may vary. Subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply. Network reliability is calculated as the number of minutes the TWC premises equipment is online divided by the total number of minutes in the month minus the total number of minutes that were part of planned maintenance activities.

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  • Top 7 best business mobiles in the UK in 2016: top smartphones for work #business #research

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    TechRadar pro

    Top 7 best business mobiles in the UK in 2016: top smartphones for work

    Impressive security features

    Not premium build quality

    When the Priv launched, it took a lot of analysts by surprised because of radical step involving the OS. BlackBerry had finally decided to embrace Android and re-introduce the keyboard (albeit a slide out one) on a flagship handset. It is, as techradar’s John McCann candidly puts it, the mullet of the smartphone world. “It’s still business in the front, but now there’s a party in the back too. It will divide opinion, but this is the best BlackBerry in years,” he added. The device will appeal to those who wants the security halo associated with BlackBerry with the ubiquity of Google’s Android. Overall, it remains a stunning piece of kit, and probably one bound to become a classic.

    3. BlackBerry Classic

    For those who yearn for the golden age of BB OS

    Great messaging capabilities

    Old-school QWERTY keyboard

    Square screen not for everyone

    Pretty hefty phone

    There are still BlackBerry fans out there and the Canadian company unveiled the Classic to please them all. An old-school QWERTY keyboard, a familiar operating system and user interface, a design that doesn’t age and the enterprise-grade security are all on the feature list of this smartphone. Sure, Android might well have the upper hand when it comes to market share and the sheer number of applications but BlackBerry provides with yet another attractive alternative when it comes to business smartphones. It runs BlackBerry OS 10 with a square 720×720 pixel touchscreen display, a touchpad and up to 22-hour battery power.

    4. Samsung Galaxy S6

    A secure and compelling offering for BYOD aficionados

    Disappointing battery longevity

    With every iteration of its Galaxy S series, Samsung edges towards the business user. The S6 (and its partner the S6 Edge) saw the inclusion of Microsoft Office Android applications as well as Samsung’s own mobile device management container solution, Knox. The latter provides military-grade, multi-layered mobile security. Siloed personal and work partitioning containers (Knox Workspace) means that employers can separate work and personal life in a near seamless way. Great for BYOD aficionados. Samsung also wisely scrapped the plastic finish for a more upmarket design that blends glass and metal.

    5. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    A more productive way to be mobile

    Oodles of power

    Some will find it too big

    Since the Note 5 is not officially available in the UK, the best Android-based device with a pen remains the Note 4, still a very capable device. Multi-tasking is part of the parcel of business these days and what better phone to handle this than the Galaxy Note 4 with its stunning QHD (better than full HD) 5.7-inch display, 3GB of RAM and serious power inside. A great battery life and expandable memory have always been key Galaxy Note features, but you can now add a more premium design to that list. A metal frame runs round the circumference of the handset, and while the rear is still plastic it’s a big step forward for Samsung and it’s a welcome addition. The S Pen has been given a boost with greater accuracy, making handwriting and multi-tasking even easier. Snap two apps side by side on screen if you want to up your efficiency even more.

    6. Apple iPhone 6S Plus

    The alternative business smartphone

    Bright and vibrant screen

    3D Touch has definite potential

    Supersized smartphones are all the rage these days, even Apple has one, and if the Cupertino firm’s styling and iOS heritage appeals to your business then check out the excellent iPhone 6S Plus. Its 5.5-inch display is one of the best on the market and the A9 processor that powers it regularly ranks amongst the most powerful in smartphone-dom. It supports more LTE bands than most smartphones and its enclosure is made of the same grade of aluminium alloy as used in the aerospace industry. Add in Siri and a bunch of other innovations (like Touch ID and 3D Touch) and you have a very capable business phone, one whose profile was raised by Apple’s close collaboration with IBM.

    7. Lenovo K80M

    A handset which boasts sizzling bang for buck

    Great value for money

    Plentiful RAM and storage

    No local warranty

    Some pre-installed bloatware

    This smartphone is worthy of a special mention on this list as a business phone for a number of reasons. It is built by Lenovo, the biggest PC manufacturer on the planet, one who also owns Motorola as well. It’s shipped directly from China which is a novel but growing shift in the way products are purchased. It has a headline-grabbing 4GB of RAM, same as most desktop PCs, and 64GB of storage. Despite these specs and a quad-core Intel CPU it retails for a fraction of what similar smartphones will cost over here. Sadly though, because it doesn’t have a local warranty you will need to send it back for repairs.

    Article continues below

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    Business card sizes #business #information

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    Business card sizes

    An index card is heavy paper stock cut to a standard size. Index cards are often used for recording individual items of information that can then be easily rearranged and filed. The most common size used in both the United States and Russia is 3 x 5 inch (hence the nickname 3-by-5 card).

    Business card design inspiration

    Creating new and creative business card design is a lot harder than it seems when you start working on one. Most business cards already need to contain a lot of information and most clients will make you add even more if you don’t go and stop them.

    Example of a minimalistic business card design .

    The fact that you have so little space to work with only makes this more challenging. We have collected some links to look at excelent designed business cards by other designers. In no particular order:

    Recommended books about business cards design

    New in paperback, this innovative collection features the most current and best work by top designers worldwide. The go-to sourcebook for business card design inspiration.

    By Viction:ary $167.04

    Meet the front runners in 21st century design in this must have new book appropriately titled Nice to Meet You Too.Artists and studios featured range.

    Sleek and refined, Chelsea slips into most pockets with ease, holding up to 12 cards. The compact design, inspired by our first Vaultskin products uses.

    About the author

    Hi there! My name is Damien. I’m a designer developer. I ve got a passion for awesome code and I love tea with lots of milk. I m currently located in lovely Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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    Business Card Size #buy #a #business

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    Business Card Size

    Business Card Size

    What s the difference between Standard Size and MOO Size Business Cards? What s the difference between Standard Size and MOO Size Business Cards? What s the difference between Standard Size and MOO Size Business What s the difference between Standard Size and MOO Size Business Cards? Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 258 x 405 png

    business-card-size business-card-size Business Card Templates, Sizes, Design Printing The Basics business-card-size Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 346 x 535 jpg

    business-card-size-1 business-card-size-1 Standards of Name Card Printing Malaysia to get best Business business-card-size-1 Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 600 x 771 gif

    Business-Card-Size-Standard-Business-Card Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 241 x 720 png

    PNG-Formate-Standard-Business-Cardbusiness-card-size Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 267 x 367 png

    Business Card Size and Other Aspects of a Good Business Card Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 443 x 751 png

    Business Card Standard Sizes Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 550 x 550 jpg

    Business Card Size Business Card Size Business Card Size Business Card Business Card Size Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 315 x 520 jpg

    Business Card Size Business Card Size Business Card Size Business Card Business Card Size Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 1200 x 1600 jpg

    International Business Card Dimensions Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 273 x 420 png

    standard-uk-business-card-size standard-uk-business-card-size What is a standard business card size? Creeds Design Print standard-uk-business-card-size Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 450 x 630 jpg

    Business Card Size US standard Business Card Size US standard All About Business Card Printing Designs and Templates Business Card Size US standard Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 267 x 450 png

    Both are available on Original, Green and Luxe paper stocks. Both are available on Original, Green and Luxe paper stocks. What s the difference between Standard Size and MOO Size Business Both are available on Original, Green and Luxe paper stocks. Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 259 x 410 png

    Standard Business Card Dimensions Standard Business Card Dimensions Standard Business Card Dimension Standard Business Card Dimensions Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 229 x 304 jpg

    business card size usa indesign business card size usa indesign Business Card Standard Sizes by Country InDesign business card size usa indesign Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 537 x 800 png

    Non-standard Size Business Cards Non-standard Size Business Cards Business Card Templates Help Center Non-standard Size Business Cards Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 460 x 600 jpeg

    Business-Card-Dimensions-and-the-Standard-Business-Card Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 262 x 500 jpg

    Standard business card sizes in EU and US Standard business card sizes in EU and US Business Card Sizes Standard business card sizes in EU and US Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 371 x 650 jpg

    business-card-size-with-3mm-bleed business-card-size-with-3mm-bleed What is a standard business card size? Creeds Design Print business-card-size-with-3mm-bleed Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 450 x 630 jpg

    Get to Know the Business Card Size and Its Designs Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 927 x 1527 gif

    Common Business Card Sizes Common Business Card Sizes What is the Standard Business Card Size? Tiny Prints Common Business Card Sizes Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 257 x 262 png

    Outer Edge of the card: This is the outline of the document in Illustrator. The standard US business size for this would be 90mm x 52mm. Outer Edge of the card: This is the outline of the document in Illustrator. The standard US business size for this would be 90mm x 52mm. How to properly set up a business card design for printing Outer Edge of the card: This is the outline of the document in Illustrator. The standard US business size for this would be 90mm x 52mm. Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 496 x 672 jpg

    This makes it easy to cut the cards to the standard finished size of 2.0 x 3.5. See the example below. This makes it easy to cut the cards to the standard finished size of 2.0 x 3.5. See the example below. Printing: Business Cards This makes it easy to cut the cards to the standard finished size of 2.0 x 3.5. See the example below. Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 341 x 576 jpg

    Business Card Design Process Walkthrough Business Card Design Process Walkthrough Business Card Design Walkthrough Business Card Design Process Walkthrough Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 328 x 489 jpg

    What Is the Standard Business Card Size and Why Shouldn t You Stray From Using It? What Is the Standard Business Card Size and Why Shouldn t You Stray From Using It? Tips for Maximizing Standard Business Card Size Design Space What Is the Standard Business Card Size and Why Shouldn t You Stray From Using It? Business Card Size posted by Image Size. 600 x 600 jpg

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    Why Your Business Phones Need an Upgrade #designing #business #cards

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    Why Your Business Phones Need an Upgrade

    The big issue for business is staying on top of its communications requirements. New technology is driving old phone systems beyond their design capabilities. The need now is for business phone systems which are scalable and customizable to manage real business operational needs.

    The simple fact is that the baseline needs of business commercial systems are expanding. They need to be able to do a lot more, and manage much bigger demands. The office in your pocket approach to mobile systems alone is creating a reciprocal need for much better phone systems in-house. The big shift in commerce to eCommerce is adding a gigantic extra load on its own.

    The point here is that more business equates to more demand for communications and increasing diversification of the need for different services. The time is long past since the days when a simple phone system of the old type can handle the multi-level range of communications a typical business experiences every day.

    If you put all your different communications through a single stream system, the result is a range of obstacle courses. The new approach is to create dedicated servers (also known as private servers in the communications industry) to separate and manage the workloads. This is infinitely more efficient and far more productive than the stunningly slow and seemingly procedurally-obsessed single stream systems can ever be.

    Consider this situation:

    • A call center receives 5000 calls a day for multiple clients.
    • On the receiving end of these calls are specialists, trained to manage specific tasks.
    • If these calls are managed on a single stream basis, the result is instant inefficiency. It s an entirely inappropriate system for a big call stream.
    • The calls need to be efficiently split up into their proper streams by definition.

    This is just a bigger version of the basic issues for any business phone system. Whether you re NASA or a local grocery, you need your calls to get from A to B ASAP. It s impossible to justify the sheer waste of time and money in a phone system which effectively creates delays and a working backlog of business which could and should have been done a lot faster.

    Upgrading for Better Business

    The new options for telephone systems include two fundamentally different improvements. These are significant upgrades by nature, and they can set up a business system to operate on a fully customized, business-specific configuration with almost no effort required.

    • Private Servers: These are the real fixers for any business phone issues. Dedicated servers are not simply more efficient . They re real managers of communications workloads. They improve response times and service quality dramatically.
    • Contact Centres: The contact centres will ring more than a few bells with project managers and other businesspeople who know what managing a very diverse range of business operations involves. Contact centres are virtual phone systems, configurable to any operational requirements. They can literally create a working call center out of a box. If that sounds a bit different, you can also see the instant business applications.

    Add both private servers and contact centres to your phone system, and you’ve achieved a major upgrade, scalable and appropriate for your business, both now and in future. This is good business, and these are the communications systems of the future.

    Kushal Tomar is a valued contributor for CosmoBC’s TechBlog. You can follow him through the buttons below. View all posts by Kushal Tomar

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    Fewer stocks listed on the stock market are vanishing #stockmarket #today

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    The stock market is vanishing

    The stock market isn’t what it used to be.

    As noted by Steven DeSanctis, equity strategist at Jefferies, the sheer number of companies listed on stock exchanges has been dropping off precipitously.

    The number of firms with shares publicly listed in the University of Chicago’s Center for Research in Security Prices aggregate index has fallen to 3,267 from a peak of 6,364 in 1997.

    This, in fact, is the lowest number of listed stocks since 1984.

    There are a number of possible reasons for this. Here’s DeSanctis’ breakdown:

    “Between the lack of IPO activity. the pick-up of M A, and buybacks, the US equity world is becoming smaller and smaller, and this could be one of many reasons why active managers are lagging behind their indexes. Companies may not want to come public due to the additional cost of Sarbanes-Oxley or the fact that the private market has become a bigger source of financing than it has been in the past.”

    While the answer is probably some combination of these factors, DeSanctis also thinks that the declining number of stocks may be affecting the performance of many professional stock pickers.

    The argument is that with fewer companies to choose from, active managers are forced to crowd into certain stocks. Crowding makes it impossible to differentiate returns and causes these managers, in DeSanctis’ mind, to fall short of their benchmarks.

    SEE ALSO: ALBERT EDWARDS: The crutch holding up the US economy is about to be ‘kicked away’

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    Start a Home Party Business #small #business #advice

    #home party businesses


    Start a Home Party Business

    November 17, 2006

    It’s a party at your home–or better yet, at someone else’s. Customers socialize, and you make money. Need more convincing?

    Home parties now account for roughly 29 percent of the nearly $30 billion in U.S. direct sales, and 13.6 million Americans bought or sold goods from home in 2004. Direct sellers are hawking everything from organic gardening supplies to wine. Some are even hosting virtual parties online. And the numbers are growing, according to Amy Robinson of the Direct Selling Association in Washington, DC. “The majority of companies coming into [the] DSA are party plan companies,” she says. “In a lot of cases, they are smaller, newer companies started by entrepreneurs from their basements.”

    Andrew Shure (below) is one of them. Nationwide, he has 1,300 consultants selling Shure Pets pet products, and he predicts he’ll have 2,800 by the end of 2007. “The only requirement at Shure Pets is a passion for pets,” says Shure, 43, who launched the Chicago-based business in 2003 and projects sales of $1 million for 2006. Another example is Newburyport, Massachusetts-based Anna William, which lets customers design their own handbags. Kristen Lee, 29, launched the million-dollar company in 2003 with Keek Bielby, 57; Rani Chase, 36; and Erin Hornyak, 33–and already has 125 consultants nationwide.

    Be sure to thoroughly research any company you’re considering, and make sure you love the products. As Robinson says, “It’s no fun to sell something you’re not interested in.”

    Getting Started
    Hanging out at a party and selling stuff might sound like easy money. But there’s more to it than that:

    • If you’re buying into one, scrutinize the initial fee. What’s included in the startup kit? Amy Robinson of the Direct Selling Association in Washington, DC, advises, “Make sure what you’re getting in return for your money is worth it.” Look for plenty of samples, training materials and other tools that will help you host a successful party.
    • Ask whether there’s a buyback policy. Companies that are members of the DSA must agree to buy back inventory from consultants within 12 months of the date of purchase, at a minimum of 90 percent of the original net cost. That way, “if you decide it’s not for you, you can recoup most of that money, and there’s minimal risk involved,” says Robinson.
    • Make sure there’s a real product being sold. And make sure it’s not something that will leave you with a garage full of widgets. If you suspect it’s a pyramid scheme–where your time and money is devoted to recruiting and earning money off a downline, and there’s no actual product being sold or the product is worthless–keep looking.
    • Don’t feel pressured. Shady operators might try to convince you to “get in on the ground floor with this new opportunity,” notes Robinson. “But a good opportunity will be there tomorrow. You need to take your time and think about it–make sure you’re completely comfortable with it.”
    • Remember, the party is never really over. Hosting a home party isn’t just about the party, as fun as that might sound. You need to be willing not only to make the initial sale, but also to follow up, to develop relationships, to be the kind of salesperson who could sell chocolate ice cream to a woman in white gloves–and call her a few weeks later to see if she’d like some more. “This is a relationship business,” says Robinson. “It’s about service after the sale.”

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    Local Listing Management Software – Solutions #business #phones

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    Your search for the perfect local solution ends now.

    Hundreds of agencies, brands and channel partners use Advice Local technologies and services to win local clients. Our solutions promote local visibility on desktop and mobile devices the moment consumers search for products or services online. Add our suite of tools to your arsenal and leave the heavy lifting to us!

    Check Out Our Products

    Manage, Monitor, and Report

    on multiple business’ online visibility all from ONE dashboard.

    Enter the business information, and we take care of the rest.

    We’re in the business of saving companies time and money. That’s why our service is the easiest to use in the biz. Just fill in your clients’ business information one time. and we’ll syndicate it out to all the right places, keeping you updated along the way.

    Get businesses listed where customers can find them.

    Get businesses listed in search engines, data aggregators, social sites, and the top directory sources. We have exclusive relationships with listing networks and are constantly adding to and updating our distribution list. And we’re taking you right along with us! Run a visibility report .

    Monitor online reputation.

    Don’t ever be caught off guard by bad reviews. Monitor and manage online reviews in one easy platform. With our tool, businesses will always be in the know about who is saying what about them online. Haters to the left.

    Boost SEO with a wide array of agency services.

    We’re no one-trick pony—we offer a full suite of award-winning agency services. Does your client want a new website? SEO services? Fresh content? Some of those fancy Google ads? We’re a full-service digital marketing agency at your fingertips!

    Have a client that doesn’t exactly fit the mold? No problem.

    You are our top priority. The things you want are the things we want. That’s why if you don’t see exactly what you need, we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution.

    Take a peek at what we have to say. Sometimes, it’s important!

    Special Announcement: Advice Mobile “Branded Mobile Apps Made Easy”

    As I’ve mentioned before, being CEO has its perks, and today is one of those days. We have officially finalized the acquisition of Scanther Mobile, a mobile app maker based out of Austin, Texas. Along with acquiring this innovative mobile app technology, the co-founders (and brothers) EJ Archuleta and Austin Archuleta will be joining the Advice Local team. Scanther, which is being rebranded as Advice Mobile, will be available as [ Read More]

    Navigating Omni-Channel Marketing for Local Businesses

    Thanks to the adoption of mobile and its continuing increase in usage, digital marketing exists in an accelerated state of constant evolution. Every few years a new disruptive technology is launched—a tactic, software, app or piece of hardware. Businesses, especially small local businesses, must be ready to take advantage of these opportunities to succeed amongst fierce competition. Shifting to omni-channel marketing will help accomplish this. Marketing is no longer a [ Read More]

    How to Prevent a ‘Google My Business’ Photo Mishap

    The Google My Business listing and featured image is usually the first thing a potential customer notices when they search for a business online. As such, it plays an important role in shaping a business s online presence and reflects directly on business or brand reputation. Any failure to regulate the content displayed on a local business listing can leave the business susceptible to some rather embarrassing situations, as seen with this image for a Bed Bath [ Read More]

    We’ve been sitting by the phone all day waiting for your call. Just click the button below and an Advice Local representative will be in touch shortly. Let’s do this thing.

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    What is a business name? #stock #market #info

    #business name


    What is a business name?

    A business name is a name or title under which a person or entity conducts a business.

    Watch our YouTube video about What is a business name and how to apply for one.

    When should I register a business name?

    You will need to register a business name if you carry on business within Australia and are not trading under your own name.

    Exceptions to this include:

    • if you are operating as an individual and your operating name is the same as your first name and surname
    • if you are in a partnership and your operating name is the same as all the partners’ names, or
    • if you are an already registered Australian company and your operating name is the same as your company’s name.

    The law does not allow any changes from the business holder’s name if you wish to rely on the above exemptions. For example, if your name is John Smith, and the name of your business is ‘John Smith Co’, you will need to register the business name ‘John Smith Co’.

    If you are unsure about whether you need to register a business name, look through the examples in Regulatory Guide 235 .

    What a business name registration does not provide

    Registering a business name does not provide exclusive ownership of your business name. It also doesn’t prevent other people from being able to register and use similar names.

    To gain exclusivity over a particular business name, you need to register it as a trade mark with IP Australia .

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    Busy #business #management #degree



    Main Entry: busy

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Definition: engaged, at work

    Synonyms: active, already taken, assiduous, at it, buried, diligent, employed, engaged, engrossed, having a full plate, having enough on one’s plate, having fish to fry, having many irons in the fire, hustling, in a meeting, in conference, in someone else’s possession, in the field, in the laboratory, industrious, occupied, on assignment, on duty, on the go, overloaded, persevering, slaving, snowed, swamped, tied up, unavailable, up to one’s ears, with a customer, working

    Antonyms: idle, quiet, unbusy, unemployed, unengaged

    Main Entry: busy

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Definition: active, on the go

    Synonyms: bustling, busy as a beaver, energetic, full, fussy, hectic, humming, hustling, lively, popping, restless, strenuous, tireless, tiring

    Antonyms: idle, inactive, lazy

    Main Entry: busy

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Definition: nosy, impertinent

    Synonyms: butting in, curious, forward, inquisitive, interfering, intrusive, meddlesome, meddling, nebby, obtrusive, officious, prying, pushy, snoopy, stirring, troublesome

    Main Entry: active

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Definition: very involved in activity

    Synonyms: aggressive, agile, alert, alive, animated, assiduous, bold, brisk, bustling, busy, chipper, daring, dashing, determined, dexterous, diligent, dynamic, eager, energetic, engaged, enlivened, enterprising, enthusiastic, eventful, fireball, forceful, forcible, fresh, frisky, hard-working, high-spirited, hyper, industrious, intense, inventive, jumping, keen, lively, nimble, on the move, perky, persevering, purposeful, pushing, quick, rapid, ready, resolute, sharp, sprightly, spry, whiz*, zealous

    Antonyms: disinterested, idle, indifferent, lazy, quiescent, quiet

    Main Entry: assiduous

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Synonyms: active, attentive, busy, constant, diligent, eager beaver, exacting, grinding, indefatigable, industrious, laborious, persevering, plugging, scrupulous, sedulous, steady, studious, unflagging, untiring, whiz, zealous

    Antonyms: lazy, neglectful, negligent

    Main Entry: brisk

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Definition: fast-moving; active

    Synonyms: adroit, agile, alert, animated, bustling, busy, energetic, lively, nimble, quick, speedy, sprightly, spry, vigorous, vivacious, zippy

    Antonyms: inactive, slow, sluggish, unenergetic

    Main Entry: diligent

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Definition: persevering, hard-working

    Synonyms: active, assiduous, attentive, busy, careful, conscientious, constant, eager, eager beaver, earnest, grind*, indefatigable, industrious, laborious, occupied, operose, painstaking, persistent, persisting, pertinacious, plugging, sedulous, steadfast, studious, tireless, unflagging, unrelenting, untiring

    Antonyms: inactive, indifferent, languid, lazy, lethargic, negligent

    Main Entry: earnest

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Definition: very enthusiastic

    Synonyms: ardent, busy, devoted, diligent, eager, fervent, fervid, heartfelt, impassioned, industrious, keen, passionate, perseverant, purposeful, sedulous, sincere, urgent, vehement, warm, wholehearted, zealous

    Antonyms: flippant, unconcerned, unenthusiastic, unpassionate, unpurposeful, unthoughtful

    Main Entry: elaborate

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Definition: intricate; involved

    Synonyms: busy, careful, complex, complicated, decorated, detailed, elegant, embellished, exact, extensive, extravagant, fancy, fussy, garnished, high tech, highly wrought, imposing, knotty, labored, labyrinthine, luxurious, many-faceted, minute, ornamented, ornate, ostentatious, overdone, overworked, painstaking, perfected, plush, posh, precise, prodigious, refined, showy, skillful, sophisticated, studied, thorough, with all the extras, with all the options, with bells and whistles

    Antonyms: general, normal, plain, regular, simple, uncomplicated, unelaborate, uninvolved, usual

    Main Entry: employed

    Part of Speech: adjective

    Synonyms: active, at it, at work, busy, engaged, hired, in a job, in collar, in harness, in place, inked, laboring, occupied, on board, on duty, on the job, on the payroll, operating, plugging away, selected, signed

    Antonyms: idle, inactive, unemployed, unengaged, unoccupied

    busy O.E. bisig “careful, anxious, busy, occupied,” cognate with O.Du. bezich, Low Ger. besig; no known connection with any other Germanic or Indo-European language. Still pronounced as in M.E. but for some unclear reason the spelling shifted to -u- in 15c. The word was a euphemism for “sexually active” in 17c. Of telephone lines, 1893. In M.E. sometimes with a sense of “prying, meddlesome,” preserved in busybody. Busy work is first recorded 1910. The verb is O.E. bisgian.

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