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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Garage Door Opener?

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Having a garage door opener is important, just as it s important to have the door. Oftentimes the opener is not included in the door installation, so you ll need a method to open the door. Additionally, the ability to open your garage door without stepping out of your car has become a luxury we take for granted and feel is a necessity in today’s world. If you do not have a garage door opener, it will seem like a dream of convenience once you install one! The average cost to install a garage door opener is about $334. though you could pay anywhere between $198 and $470. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a garage door opener.

Types of Openers

There are a number of different types of garage door openers and each type will be a different price point. Make sure to choose the type that is best for you by weighing certain factors. You have three varieties to choose from — screw, chain and belt driven. When choosing which one is best for your garage door, be aware that you need to have a reverse safety feature in place. If your opener does not have this function or the sensory ability, you might need to have it installed. Here is more information on the most common types of garage door openers on the market.

Chain-driven Openers

Chain driven garage door openers are great option if price is the most important factor. These openers use chain to get the garage door open. They tend to be loud and so not the best choice for garages that also contain a work space or a living space above. These types of openers are extremely reliable, so you shouldn t have to spend much on maintenance. If for some reason it does break down, the cost of repairs shouldn t be too expensive.

  • Easy installation
  • Good features
  • Best for a detached garage
  • Affordable
  • Reliable

Belt-driven Openers

Avg. cost: $200 to $250

Belt-driven systems are the most preferred for any residential door opener system. It is similar to a chain driven opener, but the belt system pulls the door up. The main advantage of these openers is that, they are the quietest solution. However, belt driven systems tend to be the most expensive. These are the ideal choice for attached garages, and sometimes you can even hook it up over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for even more ease. You will need to rely on a professional to install this system, though.

  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Has a battery backup
  • Potential for internet connectivity
  • Good for attached garages
  • Compatibility issues with the door
  • Challenging installation

Screw-driven Openers

Avg. cost: $190 to $260

Screw-driven openers rotate a threaded steel rod to open or close the garage door. There are far fewer components in a screw-driven system, so installation should be rather easy. This also means the maintenance should be far less over the lifetime of the door. These can be noisier than a belt drive system, so keep that in mind when deciding what kind of garage door to install it on.

  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Less maintenance over its lifetime
  • Slow
  • Remote sold separately
  • Can be noisier than a belt drive

Remotes Lighting

Once you have the door opener figured out, you should also think about components like remotes and lighting. As aforementioned, many garage door openers don t come with the door. Additionally, some openers don t come with remotes. So you can either have a button remote or a keypad. A button remote is what it sounds like — you push the button(s) and the opener pushes the door up or down. A keypad remote is more complex, where you have to enter a security code for the door to open or close. It helps to keep burglars from getting into your garage, if that is a concern.

The cost of a simple remote is anywhere between $30 to $40. while a keypad runs between $30 to $60. A button remote doesn t require a lot of work to install with the opener. However, getting a keypad attached to the system might require some professional help for best results. The most common brands of garage remotes are Chamberlain, Genie and Sommer, though you may find others on the Internet.

Some garage door openers also come with lighting features. This can be for security or to better illuminate the interior of the garage. It is mounted into the house and turns on when you use the opener. Once the door closes, the light tends to stay on about 30 seconds before flipping off. If your garage door opener doesn t come with a light, you can have one installed for about $50 to $100. if you don t put up a lightbulb yourself for about $10. You might need an electrician regardless, if the wiring isn t in place.

Installing an Opener

The installation of a garage door opener, while not difficult, can take some time as it requires both carpentry and electrical skills. If you feel comfortable doing this yourself, this is where you can save a little money, however, hiring an experienced professional is not a hugely expensive installation and will take a pro considerably less time if you have not done this type of task already. What you save in money may be lost in time, and so it is often worth hiring a pro to do the install for you.

If you want to DIY this process, you can expect to spend about $210. Remember you will need additional materials for the DIY job, like:

  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • Tape measure
  • Drill driver
  • Hacksaw pliers
  • Wire stripper
  • Level
  • Ladder

You should also compare warranties of each garage door opener. Each model will have a different kind of warranty, and it might not be valid should you DIY install the piece. Any repairs or installation will not be covered by the warranty. Most models tend to last about 10 years, so keep that in mind when comparing types as well. You re quite often better off asking a professional for their recommendation and letting them install the opener.

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