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Камень желаний (2009 )


Shot in the spring and summer of 2008, but post-production took so long that the film wasn’t released until a year later. See more


During the initial classroom scene when the teacher is conducting an experiment with catalysts, the blink contest girl blinks in a brief moment wherein the aliens are circling the bottoms of the classroom desks, ruining her record. See more


Laser. Hey she has a rock just like ours.
Lug. That is ours, you dummy.
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Crazy Credits

When the closing credits reach the song section, Jimmy Bennett states he wrote the song ‘Summer Never Ends’ thereby his wish came true See more



Spy Ballet
Written by Robert Rodriguez
Courtesy of MRX Music Corp. (ASCAP)
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User Reviews

Shorts is amusing and doesn t take itself seriously at all. It resembles Malcolm in the Middle, with the central kid s narration, the high-speed montages, and exaggeratedly eccentric characters.

The plot winds around a strange rainbow-colored rock that grants wishes. Inevitable, this results as you would expect, with carelessly thought out wishes backfiring for some good-natured slapstick comedy.

The actors make a pretty good ensemble cast, and seem to be enjoying making the film, but I think they know there won t be a lot of Oscars handed out for this movie. The montages are used as a buffer between scenes. They simulate video camera rewinding, or the kid s confused memory right after eating too much sugary cereal–I m not sure. But I do think they re used too much, making them distracting. The story is told in non-linear style, jumping from the present to flashbacks and back again, but this seems more of an unnecessary gimmick that really doesn t help tell the story.

The adult characters are nutty and over the top, but the actors faithfully go for the silliness and do adequately. The child actors do well too, especially newcomer Jolie Vanier, as the bitter rich girl bully. She has one of the few characters with enough dimension (albeit comically exaggerated) to logically evolve throughout the story, and plays the role to the hilt. Her facial expressions are hilarious, and dominate every scene she s in. This actress has a promising future.

What the movie makers were wishing for was a simple kids comedy, and that s just what this film is, no more–no less. It s all just some good clean fun, clowning around for its own sake.

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