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Home Security Systems

Home security systems are quickly becoming a must have for every family. HTS custom designs all security systems to fit your individual needs. HTS home security systems do much more than just deter burglars. They can also detect smoke, carbon monoxide, water leakage, high/low temperature and medical emergencies. more about home security systems

Business Security Systems

HTS Security is currently installing, maintaining and monitoring business security systems for many Twin Cities local businesses. These business owners have placed their company and employee protection in the hands of HTS Security because of the vast knowledge we offer and affordability of our products. more about business security systems

Alarm Monitoring 24/7

Since day one HTS Security has been partnering with USA Central Station Corporation for alarm monitoring. If you seek a quick response to an alarm activation, look no further. 83% of alarms are handled within 30 seconds or less and 71% of alarms are handled within 15 seconds or less. more about alarm monitoring

Security Systems MN / WI

Heartland Technology Systems (HTS) is a security systems company located in Woodbury, Minnesota, with our partner monitoring station located just across the river in St. Paul. We service the entire Twin Cities and surrounding areas, as well as western Wisconsin. HTS Offers basic to sophisticated alarm systems, camera/surveillance systems and access control. The products we use are among the most reliable and easy to operate systems on the market today.

We strive daily to be #1 in customer service. 80% of our business comes straight from our customer referrals. This demonstrates the confidence HTS clients have in us to provide reliable security solutions at an affordable price.

HTS Security Guarantee**

We guarantee to beat any local advertised alarm system price on local monitoring, equipment and installation. If you find it for less we ll beat it by 10% GUARANTEED!

What to expect from your free, no obligation security consultation:

  • Knowledgeable Consultants
  • Information on our products and services
  • System Design
  • No high pressure sales

**HTS Security local guarantee is for new customers only and pertains only to alarm system monitoring, equipment and installation packaged together.**
we offer, contact us at 651-739-7777.

Here Are Just A Few Local Businesses That Rely On HTS

Great Clips – Josh

I just thought I’d let you know that early this morning we a break-in at the Menonomie, WI location. Someone broke into the tanning salon next door and kicked a hole right through the sheetrock into our office. The motion detectors set off the alarm and they must have left immediately, because the police were there within a few minutes and nothing was missing.

Lakeville, MN – Tom

Thank you so much for the professional job done on our alarm system. After our neighbors home was broken into, we just didn’t feel right until the security system was installed. It has given us immediate satisfaction and peace of mind. Thank you so much for the professional job done on our alarm system. After our neighbors home was broken into, we just didn’t feel right until the security system was installed. It has given us immediate satisfaction and peace of mind.

Minneapolis, MN – Annika

Thank you for your excellent customer service to us in the last several years. You have always promptly answered our phone calls and did great workon the security system in our home. We are pleased to have a local person to help us any time we need it.

HTS Security installs and services security systems in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We service the entire Twin Cities and surrounding areas, as well as western Wisconsin. HTS offers basic to sophisticated alarm systems, camera/surveillance systems and access control.

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Plumbing in Mooresville, NC #plumbing #mooresville #nc


Plumbing Mooresville

Plumbing in Mooresville, NC

Pay less and enjoy better quality plumbing services when you depend on the licensed plumbers at Michael Son Charlotte. If your old pipes, leaky faucets, and stopped-up drains are causing problems, then rely on our experienced team for comprehensive plumbing in Mooresville, NC. We provide affordable and effective solutions if you have plumbing issues at your home or business.

Residential Commercial Plumbing Repair

There’s only so much you can do if you’re plumb out of ideas concerning your plumbing dilemmas. After all, a pipe wrench and a plunger can’t address bigger problems. For professional and emergency plumbing services, depend on our licensed plumbers. We provide plumbing repair for residential and commercial customers.

You can always expect prompt and thorough plumbing services whenever you need us. We take the time to identify the problem, provide an estimate, and then conduct an accurate repair. In addition, we go beyond the call of plumbing duty and even offer 24-hour emergency services. From drain cleaning to pipe repair, we handle any and all of your plumbing concerns.

Local Trusted Plumbing Services

Serving homeowners and business owners for more than 30 years, we are a plumbing contractor that has developed an excellent reputation in the area. Not only are we known for our affordable prices and reliable work, but we excel at customer service. In fact, we place your need as our highest priority. We back that up with our guaranteed promise: “We’ll do whatever it takes to make things right.”

Don’t panic when you have problems with your pipes. Depend on us for plumbing services that cater to your schedule and your budget. We are experts at resolving even the most problematic issues. When our plumber contractor arrives at your home or business, we move quickly to diagnose the issue, and most importantly, we also treat you and your property with respect.

Licensed Plumbing Contractor

You get what you pay for. If you hire an inexperienced plumber, you may save a few dollars, but you may end up paying more in the end. That’s because unlicensed and unskilled plumbers can actually cause more damage to your plumbing system. For reliable plumbing services provided by highly trained and licensed plumbers, you can depend on us.

Contact us for prompt and emergency plumbing repair services. We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Mooresville, North Carolina.



Social Media

Mailing List

Join our mailing list and in addition to receiving info about our latest promotions you’ll also be entered in our monthly $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway.

we respect your privacy.

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See What Climate Change Means for the World’s Poor #poverty, #climate #change, #climate, #report


See What Climate Change Means for the World’s Poor

A child works in a factory in India. Apart from environmental devastation, climate change could have disastrous effects for poorer countries.

Photograph by Akshay Gupta, Pacific Press, Getty Images

Climate change has been linked to increased frequency and intensity of destructive weather events, such as floods and hurricanes. But the effects of a warming planet on crops may pose an even greater danger, especially for the world’s poor, according to the World Bank.

“Agriculture is one of the most important economic sectors in many poor countries,” says a report from the institution. “Unfortunately, it is also one of the most sensitive to climate change given its dependence on weather conditions, both directly and through climate-dependent stressors (pests, epidemics, and sea level rise).”

More on Paris Climate Talks

The report focuses on developing economies and doesn’t include North America, Australia, or a handful of other areas. It sets up two scenarios to project the effects of climate change. The “prosperity scenario” is optimistic: It predicts strong economic growth, fewer people living in poverty, and improvements in basic services. The “poverty scenario” isn’t as hopeful: It predicts the number of impoverished people will grow from the current 702 million to around 900 million by 2030 without factoring in climate change. When climate change is part of the equation, more than a billion people will be in poverty. Most of that additional 100 million, the report says, will become poor due to rising food prices.

By 2030, effects of climate change on agriculture key to driving people into poverty

Number of people in extreme poverty, in millions

Without climate change

With high-impact climate change

Without climate change

With high-impact climate change

126 million more people will be affected with a high-impact climate change. These are the main causes

Food prices and production affected

Malaria, diarrhea, undernutrition

Reduced labor productivity

Without climate change

With high-impact climate change

Without climate change

With high-impact climate change

With high-impact climate change, 126 million additional people will be affected. Main causes shown.

Reduced labor productivity

Food prices and production affected

Malaria, diarrhea, undernutrition

*Scenarios developed based on different social and economic policies

NG STAFF SOURCES: World Bank; Rozenberg and Hallegatte

Higher food prices can be devastating for the poor. Think about your own budget: How much do you spend on groceries relative to your entire paycheck, your rent or mortgage, or your phone bill? If you’re poor, you spend a higher percentage of your total income on food. In some regions, the poorest residents use more than 60 percent of their income to buy food while for the wealthiest, it’s less than 10 percent.

Poor households spend more of their budget on food

Percent of household budget spent on food

There are health risks beyond malnutrition. Disease rates are expected to rise. World leaders are now meeting in Paris to negotiate plans to curb CO2 emissions in an effort to limit the global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius. The World Bank report says a small rise in temperatures “could increase the number of people at risk for malaria by up to 5 percent, or more than 150 million more people affected. Diarrhea would be more prevalent, and increased water scarcity would have an effect on water quality and hygiene.”

In poor countries, half of all health expenditures are paid out-of-pocket

Percent total share of health care expenditure between different income levels in 2011


Like rising food costs, these diseases would disproportionately affect people with lower incomes who pay more out of pocket for healthcare. Think of it this way: When you pay for medical treatment, how much do you pay in cash? Those in poorer countries pay more than half of their medical bills, while those in richer countries pay less than a quarter, with private insurance, government aid, and other forms of assistance paying for the rest.

These estimates are all based on the most pessimistic model for climate change. If action is taken immediately, some of the effects might be curbed, but the potential for climate change to cause financial ruin or push the world’s poor deeper into poverty remains. What’s more, the poorest countries are the least responsible for the carbon emissions that are warming the planet and putting their residents at risk.

In the chart below, the circles relate to overall emissions, the vertical axis represents pollution per capita, and the horizontal axis is gross domestic product.

The poorest countries not only emit the least CO2 per capita, they also contribute the least total emissions on a global scale. But that presents another problem as these countries try to lift their residents out of poverty, and it’s adding to the complexities of the Paris climate talks.

Poorest countries emit the least CO2, but affected by it the most*

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Pacific Gateway Insurance Agency – Insurance – 27200 Tourney Rd, Valencia, CA – Phone


Poorly run company – sad that they are part of a Berkshire entity. Staff: Young and no knowledge – immature – there are other choices out there – no need to use these guys.

Poor customer service, they strong arm their brokers. is all about making the dollar. So when a customer doesn t get endorsements on time a it causes trouble for the customer they don t care, and they don t make it right. if you don t pay for the bad service they want to cancel you. so all you brokers if you want to give excellent service to your customers look elsewhere. remember I warned you.

Pacific Gateway Insurance Agency

Poor customer service, they strong arm their brokers. is all about making the dollar. So when a customer doesn t get endorsements on time a it causes trouble for the customer they don t care, and they don t make it right. if you don t pay for the bad service they want to cancel you. so all you brokers if you want to give excellent service to your customers look elsewhere. remember I warned you.

Was this review ?

From the business


An owned general agency of the National Indemnity group of insurance companies. Commercial Auto, Garage, General Liability and more. Primarily operates in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon.

You Might Also Consider

23.9 Miles away from Pacific Gateway Insurance Agency

JenSwain S. said “I have had my Auto and Home insurance with ISU GVW for years. They have saved me money and not only that they take care of all my insurance needs. Thank you ISU GVW and Associates! You are awesome! I was…” read more

17.2 Miles away from Pacific Gateway Insurance Agency

B B. said “I needed to make a change that I thought was simple, but ended up being more complicated than I thought. In response, I was helped with personalized and professional care and treated as though my business is…” read more

in Home & Rental Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance

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School Of Health Technology Management #stony #brook #university #alumni, #stony #brook #alumni, #stony #brook


Welcome School of Health Technology and Management Alums!

There is much to be proud of as a graduate of Stony Brook’s School of Health Technology and Management (SHTM). Alumni involvement is critical for the School to maintain its leadership role at Stony Brook and across the nation as an institution that prepares high quality professionals to meet the current demands and future challenges in health care. Your continued involvement and support help make great things possible.

The SHTM has undergone many changes over the past several years. We have expanded to a second campus at Southampton and, in recent years, have added programs in Applied Health Informatics, Heath Administration, and Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety to our school. SHTM currently employs more than 100 faculty, graduates more than 350 students annually and has generated more than 11, 500 alumni over our 45-year history.

For those of you who have not seen East Campus lately, you would be amazed by our hospital’s inviting and spectacular lobby, the newly erected Cancer Treatment Center, and the Medical and Research Translation (MART) Building and Hospital Pavilion that will house the new Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. Please come back and visit Stony Brook to see the remarkable changes that are occurring.

We hope that you will get back in touch with us and stay in touch via this website to learn more about the SHTM and our students, faculty and fellow alumni. One of our priorities for this year will be to improve our web presence, making it easier to share information with our community of students and graduates. All graduates of the University automatically become members of the Alumni Association of Stony Brook University and the SHTM Alumni Chapter. Below is a host of ways for you to get involved. Detailed information for many of these ideas can be found on the main alumni webpage just below this message.

  • Contact us to update us and your classmates by providing information for our Class Notes such as achievements, milestones or new contact information
  • Join us at one of our upcoming events
  • Consider a gift to support our School, programs and/or students

Craig Lehmann, PhD

Latest News

Alumni Receive Accolades, Share Advice at HTM Awards Presentation 11/7/16 P73 Gene Could be Key to Treating Chronic Lung Disease 6/9/16 Autism and Sign Language Experts Bring Consortium to Cambridge, Mass. 1/27/16 New Technology Means Fewer Surgeries For Kids With Scoliosis 12/9/15

Upcoming Events

    • Hm. It seems that there are no events scheduled for this chapter at the moment. Check back soon as we’re always adding more, or view all alumni events.

Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients

2016 School of Health Technology and Management Award Recipients

Six Stony Brook alumni were recognized for their professional accomplishments at the School of Health Technology and Management’s 23rd annual Outstanding Alumni Awards Presentation on Thursday, November 3, 2016. This year’s awardees include the CEO of Avalanche Care Inc. a New York State licensed home care services agency; the founder and director of Full Circle PT, PC, and the administrative director of the Department of Orthopedics Rehabilitation at New York-Presbyterian/Queens.

View the complete list of Outstanding Alumni Award recipients.

Give Back

There are a variety of options for you to support Stony Brook’s Alumni Funds:

SHTM Alumni Programming. To establish and develop programming for SHTM Alumni.

SHTM Dean’s Fund for Excellence. Provides essential discretionary financial support, giving the Dean the flexibility to respond to the School’s greatest needs and/or act quickly when opportunities arise.

Next Step at SBU. Funds will enable the design and capital funding for a 2500-square foot facility to be built adjacent the RRAMP Laboratory at SBU.

SHTM Student Support Fund. To benefit students by providing scholarships, grants and travel grants. To support research activities and to attend meetings at off campus locations. To benefit students of allied health professions.

Past Reunions

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Jennifer Evans, Psy #florida, #gainesville, #anxiety, #depression, #clinic, #anxiety, #disorder, #treatment, #cbt, #child, #adolescent,


Jennifer Evans, Psy.D. earned her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (at Alliant International University) in San Francisco, CA. She completed an APA-approved predoctoral internship and a Multicultural Postdoctoral Residency at San Jose State University s Counseling Services. She was first licensed as a psychologist in California in 2011, and has been licensed as a Florida Licensed Psychologist since 2014.

Dr. Evans has experience providing individual and group therapy to adolescents and adults in community mental health, substance abuse facilities, and college counseling centers. Dr. Evans brings experience with a broad range of psychiatric and psychological issues to our practice as well as interests in helping individuals examine and work with issues relating to the intersection of identity and social, cultural, and systemic impacts.

Much of Dr. Evan s psychotherapeutic emphasis has focused on individuals diagnosed with anxiety disorders. social anxiety disorder. depression. alcohol and substance abuse, ADHD and learning difficulties. Her therapeutic focus also includes stress management and adjustment issues, trauma, women s issues, social skills difficulties, gender identity and sexuality issues, and cultural identity concerns.

Dr. Evans incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other psychological treatment approaches in her work with patients. Her perspective benefits from her interest in multicultural feminist psychology, as well as strong interest and experience in exploring and assisting individuals with self-concept, self-esteem, identity, and the process of personal growth and change. Her focus involves examining and working on thoughts and behaviors which may negatively impact resiliency, self-concept, adjustment or mood and working through a process of exploration and change.

Dr. Evans has experience and training in serving a diverse set of populations suffering from milder to more severe ranges of life difficulties and psychopathology. She has provided individual therapy, family therapy, and/or case management to college-age students, adolescents and family members involved in residential treatment for addictions, individuals with severe or debilitating mental illness, and with HIV-positive patients in a community mental health setting. Dr. Evans has experience in providing group therapy to adults, children and adolescent. She has provided group therapy to college students, and group therapy to children and adolescents with social skills deficits.

Dr. Evans has a high level of specialty expertise in providing mental health services to LGBTQ clients and communities (particularly transgender clients) to the CPANCF staff. Dr. Evans has provided training to medical and mental health care providers in the provision of culturally sensitive services to transgender clients, including utilization of the WPATH Standards of Care. Dr. Evans was integral in the program development, implementation, and evaluation of the Safe Zone training program at the University of Central Florida.

Member, American Psychological Association

Member, World Professional Organization of Transgender Health (WPATH)

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers – Sober Solutions #alcohol #treatment #centers #in #missouri


Live Free From Addiction

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers

Alcohol abuse is one of the most difficult addictions to admit having. Since alcohol is legal and socially acceptable it is very easy not to think that you have a problem. An alcoholic does not have to be staggering or have blackouts to be considered an alcoholic. There are many people with alcohol addiction that most people do not know about; these people are considered High Functioning  alcoholics. Alcohol abuse takes on many forms, from drinking in excess that they blackout or that they just need to have a drink to feel normal.

Alcohol abuse is responsible for more deaths than crack, heroin addiction, and cocaine abuse combined. Alcohol detoxification is also one of the only detoxes that a person can die from because of seizures (this is why we HIGHLY suggest the right treatment center and not home remedies). Alcoholics are also harder to convince that they need to go to an alcohol addiction treatment center because most of them hold jobs and appear to be better off than hardcore drug users. It is important to understand how alcoholics think.

Understanding Alcoholism

An interesting thing to understand about alcoholism is that it is a choice that is made. If you read the book Alcoholics Anonymous  it is never mentioned in the entire book that you have a disease or a drinking problem. It tells you that you have a thinking problem and suffer from a sickness, illness, or malady. Alcoholism is not the problem the problem is the alcoholic. The alcohol abuse is just a symptom of what is really going on. To greatly increase the success of an alcoholic s chance of recovery they must go to a long term inpatient alcohol rehab.

Some people will use medication to help with their addiction but there is little or no success. Drugs such as Antabuse are used to keep people from drinking or it will make them sick. This in no way fixes the problem and is a worthless attempt at a solution, since the addict will eventually just stop taking the drugs and relapse. In order for an alcoholic to recover from alcohol addiction they must change their behaviors and understand why they abuse alcohol (face their demons). As stated above alcohol is not the problem with alcoholics, the person is the problem, alcohol is just the solution.

The Facts

According to the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, NCADD. alcohol is the number one abused substance in the United States. It is the number one abused drug in the United States because it is very easy to obtain and in mass quantities. Not only do 1 in ever 12 adults suffer from alcohol dependency, but millions of Americans partake in binge drinking behaviors (5 or more drinks on an occasion). This behavior is very common amongst college aged adults. According to the National Institute of Health, NIH. 37.9 percent of college students partake in binge drinking and 12.2% of college students partake in heavy drinking (5 or more drinks on an occasion on 5 or more occasions per month). Alcoholism is a. epidemic that is seen across the nation. Here are some more facts about alcohol abuse:

  • In 2014, alcohol usage contributed to 88,000 deaths
  • 7 million children (more than 10 percent) live with at least one parent who has an alcohol dependency or alcohol abuse problem
  • Alcoholism ranks 3rd on the list of cause of death in the United States
  • Globally, alcohol has caused 3.3 million deaths in 2012
  • In a recent study, the presence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders (FASD) is anywhere from 20%-50% per 1,000 births

Why use Sober Solutions?
At Sober Solutions, we excel at finding the right treatment center for the person. Not every rehab center is a right fit. It is very important to make sure that the environment is just right to ensure a longer lasting sobriety, if a person does not feel comfortable they will either check out or just go through the motions and will relapse once they get out.

Rather than you calling multiple rehab centers and giving information over and over again, you will call our counselors and then they will do the searching for you. You are in a hard situation let us help take some of the stress and get you or your loved one the help that is needed. It is a free service, so why not call?

Long term addiction treatment vs short term

When searching for an alcohol rehab it is important to consider long-term addiction treatment center. Very rarely can an alcoholic become sober by attending a short term addiction treatment center or an outpatient program. Unfortunately most professionals recommend outpatient facilities for alcoholics thinking it will work especially if the alcoholic has convinced them that they drink far less than they are willing to admit. This is why most people fail at their alcohol abuse recovery, they downplay the severity of the alcohol abuse. It is always a better outcome when alcoholics enter a treatment program that is at least 90 days, followed up with a strong aftercare program. Anybody can stay sober in the treatment center; it takes a lot of help to stay sober in the real world.

People suffering from alcohol addiction face a greater challenge when leaving an alcohol rehab center because they face more triggers. Unlike drug abusers that have to revert back to illegal activities in the event of relapse, alcoholics can just enter a bar or stop at a liquor store and purchase their drug of choice legally. Relapse prevention is probably one of the most important parts of the alcoholic s battle plan after leaving the treatment center. One of the most effective approaches for relapse prevention is the cognitive rehab approach which is explained in this site. We also have more information about other types of Addiction Treatment Centers. If you feel you or someone you know suffers from alcoholism and needs an alcohol addiction treatment center call, we can help.

Primary Sidebar

Please don t wait. Let us help

Addiction is a problem that affects more than just the drug abuser. For more information on drug intervention or alcohol intervention, call 888-762-3730

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SAS OnDemand for Academics #online #academics


SAS ® OnDemand for Academics

Students: Secure your future with sought-after analytical skills.

  • If your professor has already registered your class with SAS OnDemand for Analytics, you should have been given a code. Once you have the code, you can register and access the software .
  • If your professor has not registered your class with SAS OnDemand for Analytics, ask! We can also submit a request on your behalf. Just ask us.
  • If you’re not using it for a class, but you still want to learn SAS. you can get free access to SAS OnDemand for Academics: Studio for learning purposes.
  • Free video tutorials that will teach you the basics of SAS programming and statistical analysis.
  • Two free e-learning courses – Programming 1 and Statistics 1 .
  • An online interactive community for students – SAS Analytics U – where you’ll find forums, software support, instructional videos and more.

Professors Teachers: Get software and resources for developing students’ analytical knowledge.

SAS OnDemand for Academics: Forecast Server

Getting Started

  • To get started with SAS OnDemand for Academics: Studio, all you need to do is send the link to your students. The software isn’t gated, so they can start using it right away.
  • To get started with all other SAS OnDemand for Academics offerings, register your course. We’ll send you an email containing instructions that you can share with your students on how they can register and access the software.

Resources Included With All SAS OnDemand for Academics Offerings

  • Free teaching and curriculum development materials – everything you need to teach a course using SAS.
  • Two free e-learning courses – Programming 1 and Statistics 1 .
  • An online community, SAS Analytics U. where you can interact with peers, get support, access SAS resources, etc.
  • The SAS Cloud, where everyone can upload up to 5GB of data for easy access. Professors can upload an additional 2GB of course data to share with students.

Independent Learners: Get free access to SAS OnDemand for Academics: Studio.

Even if you’re not affiliated with a college or university, you can sharpen your analytics skills with free access to SAS OnDemand for Academics: Studio. You also get access to:

  • Free video tutorials that will teach you the basics of SAS programming and statistical analysis.
  • Two free e-learning courses – Programming 1 and Statistics 1 .
  • An online, interactive community – SAS Analytics U – where you’ll find forums, software support, instructional videos and more.

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San Diego Mulch #woodchips, #wood #chips, #woodchip, #wood #chip, #mulch, #san #diego, #san #diego


San Diego Wood Chips
Wood chips come from a variety of trees, including both hardwood and softwood varieties. In San Diego wood chips are one of the best performers in terms of moisture retention, temperature moderation, weed control, and sustainability. Termites do NOT nest in woodchips nor mulch! In perennial and shrub beds, wood chips or mulch can reduce the need for irrigation by as much as 50%. The chemical and physical diversity of these materials resists the tendency towards compaction seen in sawdust. Additionally, the materials vary in their size and decomposition rate, creating a more diverse environment that is subsequently colonized by a diverse soil biota. A biologically diverse soil biota is more resistant to environmental disturbance and will in turn support a diverse and healthy plant population. Wood chips are considered to be slow decomposers, as their tissues are rich in lignin, suberin, tannins, and other decomposition-resistant, natural compounds. Thus, wood chips supply nutrients slowly to the system; at the same time they absorb significant amounts of water that is slowly released to the soil. Finally, the reuse of plant materials as mulches keeps them out of the landfill; a benefit with both economic and environmental attributes.

How to Calculate the Amount of Mulch Needed
It is a common procedure to apply mulch over a landscape fabric to reduce weed growth. However, the chips will give a greater improvement on soil tilth where they can breakdown into the soil without the fabric layer in between. Weed growth in a mulch bed is a problem when the mulch is not at an adequate depth! As an alternative to the weed fabric, maintain a proper mulch depth to manage weeds. Weed seeds that germinate above the fabric layer will be easy to pull.

There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard. One cubic yard will cover 100-square-feet with a 3 layer of mulch. Figure out the square footage of your bed, that is the width times the length for square or rectangular shaped beds. The square footage of a circular bed is the distance from the middle of the circle to the outside, multiplied by itself and then multiplied by 3.14 (which is pi).

Bulk Soil, Mulch Compost Calculator

Square Feet To Be

Cubic Yards Needed*

*Quantities are approximate and do not take into account material settling or compaction

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Sandy Utah Plumber #plumbers #in #sandy #utah


Welcome to ASAP Plumbing Drain

If your Sandy, UT home has plumbing issues of any type, whether it is a leaking faucet or a clogged drain, calling one of our professional plumbers can be the best way to get the issue resolved in a timely and efficient way.

We can help you with all your home s plumbing needs. Our plumbers are trained to help deal with minor issues, such as leaking faucets and clogged drains to more complex issues such as pipes that are frozen or may need to be completely replaced.

Many times a seemingly minor issue such as a leaking faucet can be the sign of more complex problems, such as water pressure issues in the home. Because of this, when our professionals come out to fix the problem, they will not only handle the repairs needed, but they will try to determine the cause of the issue as well. This can be helpful in making sure the issue does not reoccur later or turn into a more serious issue that can be more costly to repair.

Sandy Utah Plumber

One of the most common plumbing problems in a home can involve the sewers and drains in the home. Having one of our experienced plumbers handle these problems, can be the best way to get the issue fixed. Our plumbers will be able to assess the situation and determine if the issue is a clog in the pipes or if the drains need to be cleaned using a high-pressure hydro jet. In addition, they will inspect the other lines in your home to ensure there are no issues developing, which also require attention.

Our team of plumbing professionals can also be of great assistance with water heater issues as well. Whether your unit needs minor repairs or a complete replacement, our team can handle the job for you and make sure your home is receiving heated water as quickly as possible.



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