Cash Flow Story, cash flow business.#Cash #flow #business

cash flow business

Cash flow business Cash flow business

Cash flow business Cash flow business

  • Cash flow business

Cash flow business

  • Cash flow business

    Cash flow business

  • Cash flow business

    Cash flow business

    Cash Flow Story What are your numbers telling you?

    Your Cash Flow Story Scorecard produces an automated financial health check on your business, ensuring everyone looks at your numbers in the same way…. whether you are a business owner/manager an advisor or banker.

    Using powerful processes such as the Power of One, the 4 Chapters and the Big 3 Cash Flow measures the Scorecard will enable you to understand your financial story and improve the performance of your business.

    Taking less than 10 minutes to setup, this unique web based Scorecard will deliver powerful analysis of your numbers in an easy to understand format. The Scorecard will bring your numbers to life and enable you to measure the financial impact of your decisions in advance.

    Cash flow business

    CFS Business

    With our business version you can:

    • See your financial story unfold
    • Gain valuable insight into your cash flow
    • Understand what your business is worth
    • Access your story from anywhere

    Learn more about CFS Business

    Cash flow business

    CFS Advisor

    With our advisor version you can:

    • Guide your clients through their financial story
    • Drive improvements to your client’s performance
    • Go from setup to meaningful analysis in under 10 minutes
    • Discuss the story over a coffee on your tablet/iPad
    • Become a financial story teller

    Learn more about CFS Advisor

    At a glance

    Pay attention to the right areas. Hone in on your critical results

    Easy to use

    Web-based, tablet and ipad ready. Understand your business anywhere!

    Fast Results

    Less than 10 minutes to get started and learn about your business

    Intuitive help

    Read the story to fully understand your story.

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  • What Should Be On A Business Card For Small Businesses, Small Business Marketing Blog,

    What Should Be On A Business Card For Small Businesses

    Small business owner

    Should you put anything on the back of a business card? Is it important to list your website url?

    Just because you only have a few inches of real estate to work with doesn t mean you still can t get your message across and do it in a way that doesn t require packing every possible bit of information about your business.

    Your business card is often the first place prospective customers look when they re searching for contact information for your small business. Having a professional looking business card forms a first impression that can mean the difference between them picking up the phone or throwing your business card in the trash.

    Here s what to include (and not include) on a business card:

    1. Logo and Tagline

    If you want your business card (and your business) to really get noticed, it all starts with great design and quality printing. Your brand should be immediately recognizable. That means should always include the name of your business AND your logo somewhere on your card.

    And this is one area where a lot of small businesses start to really junk things up.

    Take full advantage of the back side of your business card.

    One of the questions I see the most frequently from small business owners is whether to list a title on their business card and, if so, what exactly to include.

    There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of opinions and discussions around the topic of what job title to use on a business card when you own a small business.

    Typically, job titles fall into 3 categories–no title, organizational role (ex. CEO or President), or function (ex, Director of Sales and Marketing).

    • For small businesses with only 1 or 2 employees, referring to yourself as President seems a bit blowhardy.
    • If you want people to have a clearer understanding of your day-to-day responsibilities, then something more functionally specific makes more sense (ex. Business Development Manager).
    • If you re trying to establish credibility with prospective contacts who prefer to deal directly with the owner, then go that route

    Small business owner

    3. Contact Information

    Back in the day, businesses had one (or at most two) telephone numbers. Now you ll often see business cards that include an 800 number, a direct line, a cellphone, and possibly even a home number. Totally ridiculous! Your customers shouldn t have to play a game of telephone roulette.

    Why not keep it simple? Include the one or two numbers where your customers will be able to reach you. That s all, that s it!

    Along with your phone number, always be sure to include your email address. Notice I said your email address and not some generic [email protected] Nothing says Please don t contact me I really don t care about you more than pointing people to an anonymous inbox.

    Do you need to include a physical address?

    That depends on your business. If you have an ecommerce store with no brick and mortar storefront, operate out of your home, or there s no reason customers would need to visit you, leave it off. Otherwise, it s entirely up to you. However, I have spoken with a number of folks over the years who feel a physical address helps validate the legitimacy of a business.

    On the front you ll typically want to include 1) a contact name 2) email 3) phone number 4) address and 5) website –all the information prospective customers will need if they want to get in touch.

    Of course I can t talk about business card content without mentioning the fax. Of all the superfluous information you could possibly include, this has to be at the top of the heap. With the ability to scan and email documents, listing a fax number generally isn t necessary (unless you know your customers are going to use it).

    Let s just nip this one in the bud right now. Including a QR code on your business card isn t going to make you look hip or cool.

    The fact of the matter is most people aren t actually going to do anything with your business card until they get in front of a computer or tablet. At that point, it s going to take just as much time for them to pull out their phone, waste time scanning a QR code, connect to the web, and check it out as it would for them to just type in your url.

    5. Links to Social Media Profiles

    If your small business is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+, it doesn t take long before you wind up with a proliferation of social media profiles on your business card. Instead of giving people different ways to connect, you end up overwhelming them with a sea of social media icons and links.

    Focus on the 1-2 primary social media channels your customers actually use and leave all of the other links for your website.

    6. Services (Sparingly)

    If you have the room including a short list of services can definitely help reinforce your offerings with current and prospective customers.

    Notice I said short. Trying to list everything under the sun will only junk things up. I know when I get business cards that have a massive laundry list of services my eyes usually just glaze over.

    7. Multiple Websites (Never!)

    If you have a business website, an ecommerce site, a blog, and three social media profiles you re much better off pointing prospective customers to one url where they can then access all of your other information. In other words, don t junk it up.

    Business Card Best Practices

    Don t be afraid to use both sides of your business card. Doing so gives you more space so you allow your content to breath and also make it easier to digest for current and prospective customers. For starters, add your small business logo and tagline to the back side of your card. Then use the front side for your name and title, physical address (if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront), your phone number (one is almost always enough), and your email address and website.

    From there, you can look at ready-made business card designs or design your own.

    Have additional questions about what to include on a business card for your small business? Leave a comment below or send them to me directly.

    As a disclaimer, I use affiliate links for some of the products listed. They are all products I absolutely love and trust and would recommend regardless of whether they have an affiliate program.

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    How to get funding for a business without a bank loan, Startups, business startup

    How to get funding for a business without a bank loan

    Business startup loan

    With bank lending figures continuing to fall, thousands of entrepreneurs are looking for alternative sources of funding to get their business off the ground. If you re one such firm, this article provides a comprehensive guide to the tools and options at your disposal.

    A Start Up Loan

    If you are starting a new business or you have been trading for no longer than 24 months, you may be eligible for a government-backed Start Up Loan.

    These are unsecured personal loans of up to £25,000 that must be used for business purposes and are repayable at a fixed 6% interest per annum.

    Bank overdrafts

    For companies with fluctuating income, a bank overdraft can provide quick, flexible cashflow. The idea is simple: you dip into the overdraft in the leaner months, and come back out when the business picks up.

    Most major banks charge interest only on the amount you overdraw, and many offer tailored packages for young businesses.

    We’d love to hear your insight:

    For example, RBS/NatWest provides overdrafts up to £500, free of set-up fees, for a start-up business first 12 months (normally £50). However rates of interest on bank overdrafts are usually charged above base rates (e.g. 6.5% for RBS/NatWest), and in most cases the overdraft amount is repayable on demand.

    Business cash advance

    Companies such as Worldpay, Business Cash Advance and Credit for Merchants allow businesses to receive money upfront before debts and invoices have actually been paid.

    Under the terms of the agreement, the financier purchases a fixed percentage of your future credit/debit card transactions at a discount, and then advances the cash into your bank account, usually within 10 working days. Repayments will be scheduled at a pre-agreed percentage of every transaction usually between 10 and 20%.

    With a cash advance, you can secure up to £100,000 without the burden of collateral or fixed monthly repayments, only paying the advance back when your customers pay you. But you may have to meet a rigorous set of conditions; for example Business Cash Advance insists all clients must have been in business for at least a year, with a minimum monthly turnover of £3,500 and the ability to process credit and debit card transactions.

    Find out more about business cash advances here.

    Asset finance

    An asset-based loan works the same way as a mortgage. You borrow money against an existing possession, and, if you can t meet your obligations, the asset is repossessed. Assets which can be used as collateral include property and premises, accounts receivable, inventory and equipment.

    Although interest rates are often punitive, asset-based finance can be extremely useful for a company desperate for cash, or a business backed by valuable property which has yet to make major profits such as a hotel or plant hire specialist.


    Factoring can speed up cashflow and free up the time spent chasing bad debts, but there are drawbacks. A factor will impose a charge on each invoice, so your profit margins will be reduced, and it can be difficult to sever a contract with a factoring firm, because you have to compensate them for all outstanding invoices before you can formally part company.

    One alternative, which could be more cost-effective, is MarketInvoice, an online marketplace which allows you to auction your invoice to a community of investors. You receive payment straight away and the investor will receive a profit when the payment finally comes in.

    Angel investors

    If you manage to impress a business angel, they may provide investment in return for an equity stake. Most angels are seasoned entrepreneurs themselves, so they know what you re going through and they re likely to be patient.

    Furthermore, the process of finding and enticing an angel is far less daunting than you might think. Take a look at our investor directory to take a look at some of the most active angel funds and angel investors in the UK. If you can put together a tight pitch with realistic growth projections, and are prepared to give up a share of your business, this could be the route for you.


    Crowdfunding is, essentially, an extension of the charity sponsorship page in the business world. People come together, on crowdfunding sites, to pool money towards a particular venture or idea it could be 10 people putting in £500 each, or 3,000 people each giving £1.

    Donors or investors on crowdfunding sites, such as Kickstarter or Crowdcube are typically private individuals providing small sums, so they re unlikely to give you the sort of grilling, and rigorous conditions, an angel investor would. You can also scope out the popularity of your idea via a crowdfunding site, and get some crucial word-of-mouth marketing going.

    If you re interested in raising finance using crowdfunding take a look at our crowdfunding form. We ve partnered with a few crowdfunding platforms to help businesses raise seed or growth capital and may be able to point you in the right direction.

    Peer-to-peer loans

    A peer-to-peer exchange site, such as Zopa or Funding Circle, will put you in touch with private lenders, and create a personal relationship between you and the lender fostering trust and patience.

    A number of companies are now well-established in this space, and several offer generous terms. Indeed Zopa waives all fees for loan applications, reduces interest rates for borrowers who make early repayments, and adds only a one-off fee of £130 to the cost of the loan.


    If you only need a very small amount of money, you should think about a micro loan, which is tailored to your circumstances and can be used alongside funding from other sources.

    A number of companies in the UK offer micro loans; for example Finance Wales offers funding from £5,000 to £25,000, with generous repayment terms ranging from one to five years.

    Community schemes

    A plethora of community development finance initiatives, or CDFIs, have been set up around the country to help individuals, and businesses, denied credit by banks and lending companies.

    CDFIs provide help with everything from bridging loans and working capital to funds for property and equipment purchase, but their terms are usually restrictive; you usually have to be either a micro-business or a social enterprise, and be based in a disadvantaged area to qualify.

    Family loans

    If you want to keep things ultra-simple, a supportive family, with money to spare, can provide a fair, willing and reliable source of loan funding. Relatives and loved ones are more likely to trust you with their money than an outsider, and they will probably demand lower interest and fewer incentives than a commercial organisation.

    There are of course some drawbacks when it comes to mixing family and finance, so it s worth weighing up both the pros and cons of family funding.

    Any finance model or provider should be researched thoroughly before you make any commitments, to ensure this is the best solution for your business. You will find more information on some of these finance options in our Raising Finance section.

    We would also recommend researching specific providers or funding platforms online and speaking to other businesses which have used them.

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    Crane Business Solutions: Office Supplies, Corporate Gifts, Print, Toners – Ink, Catering, business gifts.#Business

    business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts Business gifts Business gifts Business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    All Categories

    Business gifts

    Looking for office supplies? We have everything you could possibly want.

    Including countless types of writing utensils, paper, staplers, file folders, hole punches, notebooks, and more. Our offerings are continually updated to include all the latest products. And if you have a favorite you can’t find, we can probably get it for you!

    Business gifts

    No matter which printer you have, we have the toner and ink to go with it.

    We even have a toner and ink finder to help you find exactly what you need. You can also add your specific machine to a bespoke list, which will make all relevant toners and components available at the click on a button.

    Business gifts

    Corporate gifts are the perfect way to show your appreciation.

    Tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen. We also offer smaller personalised gift items you can include as gifts with your shipment, send as a gift on special occasions, or give away at trade shows and community events.

    Business gifts

    Our all-in-one print and design solutions reduce paperwork and administration.

    Profesionally represent yourself to your prospects and customers. Our dedicated Mac design team can handle all your logo and design needs in-house, so you won’t need a separate design company.

    Business gifts

    We’re able to offer a full range of services to create your perfect office environment.

    Whether you just need a few new workstations or ergonomic chairs, or design a whole new office, our experts are here to help. After all, the right choice of furniture makes a huge difference when it comes to the mood, happiness, and productivity of your employees.

    Business gifts

    What’s an office without a good lunchroom?

    To keep your staff happy, you’ll need to provide coffee, tea, soft drinks, bottled water, and snacks. We have everything you might need, including cups, plates, and other accessories, even for fancier events.

    Business gifts

    The word “specials” can mean various things. and we offer all of them.

    We offer specialised solutions including personal protection equipment, reprographics and finishing, copier machines, facilities management, products specific for schools, legal products, and audiovisual solutions.

    Business gifts

    We care about the earth, and want to do our part to protect it.

    We offer recycled paper and other recycled products. We help our customers do their part as well – by picking up their recyclable office waste and toner cartridges. Our new 5-Star paper can be recycled over and over again.

    Information Pages

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    Business gifts

    About Crane Business Solutions

    Looking for high quality office products? We’d like to be your one-stop shop for all your business supplies needs. You’ll find a huge selection of high quality products and services, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service. Plus FREE next-day delivery anywhere in the UK.

    Business gifts

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    The Telegraph Festival of Business, small business owner.#Small #business #owner

    Festival of Business

    Small business owner Small business owner

    Small business owner Small business owner Small business owner Small business owner

    The Telegraph Festival of Business 2017

    The seventh Festival of Business will take place in London on Tuesday 7 November, 2017. This one day conference, regularly attracting an audience of 600 senior executives from UK businesses, will bring together some of the best-known names in British business, along with leading politicians and thought leaders, in a bid to ensure the continued growth of Britain’s small businesses. A combination of keynote addresses, live interviews, case studies, expert panels, quick-fire talks, and masterclasses will ensure attendees leave the conference having found inspiration, heard pioneering examples of business development and cemented valuable relationships with their peers.


    Registration and Breakfast

    Welcome Address from the Chairman

    Jeremy Warner, Associate Editor, The Telegraph

    Lady Michelle Mone, Baroness of Mayfair OBE

    Panel Session: Talent: attracting, recruiting and retaining your most valuable asset

    Understand how important your company’s values are for recruitment and learn how to encourage millennials through to Gen X to join and then get them to stay. Gain insights into competing with larger companies when it comes to salary, culture and apprenticeships and delve further into the complexities of employment regulation.

    Craig Donaldson, Chief Executive Officer, Metro Bank

    Karen Blackett, OBE Chairwoman, MediaCom UK

    Kiera Lawlor, Head of Happiness, Social Chain

    Kirstin Furber, People Director, BBC Worldwide

    Moderator: Rebecca Burn-Callander, Contributor, The Telegraph

    Panel Session: Leading your business to success

    Hear first hand on how to lead through change and how to successfully delegate. Gain insights into day-to-day management tips and understand the key lessons learnt by overcoming failure.

    James Daunt, Chief Executive Officer, Waterstones

    Chris Morling, Founder and Managing Director,

    Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing, Legal General Investment Management

    Moderator: Liam Halligan, Economics Commentator, The Telegraph

    Networking and Refreshment Break

    Quick-fire Talk: Cyber security – how to prevent the worst from happening

    Senior Representative, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

    Q A: Late Payments: can common ground be found?

    A discussion that speaks to both sides, is honest about what the issues are at both ends and is constructive in terms of solutions.

    Richard Gilkes, Managing Director, Stort Chemical

    Philip King, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Credit Management

    Moderator: Liam Halligan, Economics Commentator, The Telegraph

    The importance of growth and international trade for SMEs

    The Rt Hon Dr. Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for International Trade

    Plotting the future of tech innovation in your business

    The new tech landscape; identify fads vs genuinely useful future tech and investing wisely to make the best tech choices. Gain insights into the importance of company-wide adoption and understanding and recruiting the relevant talent to deal with changing tech and transformation.

    Chief Digital Officer

    Digital Marketing Lead, UK

    Pfizer Innovative Health

    Moderator: Robert Bridge

    Chief Customer Officer

    Scaling Up Your Business Operations

    Gain insights and advice on whether it’s best to scale through partnerships or organically. Understand how to ensure optimal staffing when growing and how to know when to step back.

    Head of Enterprise

    Business Banking NatWest/RBS

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Chief Executive and Co-founder

    Moderator: Matt Caines

    Editor, Telegraph Connect

    Supporting UK business to export and grow

    Which will be the new frontiers? Identifying the changes to consider following Brexit and understand cross cultural business differences. Examine the steps to take when starting to export.

    Emma Jones, Founder, Enterprise Nation

    Joshua Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, One Retail Group

    Dr Adam Marshall, Director General, British Chambers of Commerce

    Moderator: Rebecca Burn-Callander, Contributor, The Telegraph

    Securing your business against cyber threats

    Cyber security; an issue not to be taken lightly and potentially one of the the biggest threats facing SMEs today. Understand how to achieve a cyber security 101 strategy and the preventative measures you can take and what to do when disaster strikes.

    Sam Nixon, Product Owner, Decoded

    Phil Lander, Director of Mobile and IT, B2B, Samsung Europe

    Rowan Davies, Head of Policy and Campaigns, Mumsnet

    Moderator: Stephan Freeman, Chief Information Security Officer, The Telegraph

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    Investor – s Business Daily, Stock News – Stock Market Analysis, business investment.#Business #investment


    • Business investment
    The Big Picture: Bulls Buy Time
  • Business investment
    Chinese, Retail Powerhouses Plus GE: Investing Action Plan

    12:30 PM ET The strength of China’s internet economy will come into focus with quarterly reports coming up.

  • Business investment

    Time Is A Critical Consideration Of Swing Trades

    11/10/2017 Time is a distinguishing characteristic of swing trading. There are shorter consolidations, shorter moving average.

    Business investment

    See what adding futures can do for your trading strategy.

    Understand the markets. Try our practice simulator. Then start trading.

    Everything you need to add futures and capitalize on new opportunities

    Promoted Content By CME Group


    • Business investment
    Sector Leaders

    IBD’s most stringent and powerful screen, Sector Leaders highlight the best stocks in IBD’s 33 sectors. All Sector Leaders show outstanding earnings and sales growth in recent quarters and are strong across many other fundamental and price-performance metrics.

  • Business investment

    Q3 Review: Can Energy Industry Stocks Rally On $50 Oil?

    Shale oil and other energy companies survived a two-year glut by tightening belts and adopting novel technologies. Now how well.

    Shale oil and other energy companies survived a two-year glut.

    Is Tencent’s Snap Buy A Dwindling Trend, As China Reels In Deals?

    Investment by China-based companies in U.S. names slowed sharply this year.

    Investment by China-based companies in U.S. names slowed sharply this.

    Roku Stock Breaks Out On Post-Earnings-Report Fervor

    Shares of Roku roared higher as investors continued to applaud the company’s third-quarter earnings report.

    Shares of Roku roared higher as investors continued to applaud.

    Here’s What To Expect When China Internet Giant Reports has a business model similar to Amazon, and competes most directly in China against Alibaba. has a business model similar to Amazon, and competes.

    Business investment

    Free Trial

    Get instant access to exclusive stock lists, expert market analysis and educational tools with a free trial to IBD Digital.

    Business investment

    IBD Videos

    Get market updates, educational videos, webinars, and stock analysis.

    Business investment

    Get Started

    Learn how you can make more money with IBD s investing tools, top-performing stock lists, and educational content.

    • Connect With Us On
    • Business investment
    • Business investment
    • Business investment
    • Business investment
    • Business investment
    • Business investment

    About Investor’s Business Daily – Investor’s Business Daily provides exclusive stock lists, investing data, stock market research, education and the latest financial and business news to help investors make more money in the stock market. All of IBD’s products and features are based on the CAN SLIM® Investing System developed by IBD’s Founder William J. O’Neil, who identified the seven common characteristics that winning stocks display before making huge price gains. Each letter of CAN SLIM represents one of those traits.

    Notice: Information contained herein is not and should not be construed as an offer, solicitation, or recommendation to buy or sell securities. The information has been obtained from sources we believe to be reliable; however no guarantee is made or implied with respect to its accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. Authors may own the stocks they discuss. The information and content are subject to change without notice.

    *Real-time prices by Bats®. Volume delayed. Real-time quote and/or trade prices are not sourced from all markets.

    © 2000-2017 Investor’s Business Daily, Inc. All rights reserved

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  • Business acumen, business acumen.#Business #acumen

    Do you want to know a secret?

    I bet I’m the first financial expert in history to tell you that. But think about this for a moment… Do you really care how much money you have? Or how many investments you own?

    I would suggest that all you really care about is the lifestyle that your money and investments can give you.

    Latest from

    Business acumen Business acumen

    The Reluctant ‘Wealthinaire’ ©

    Isn’t it interesting that a cartoon can make such a difference to a life! I’ve heard all the words and been extremely well advised (including by my wonderful friend, Lisa Dudson) to make changes in my attitude to money – BUT I was well ‘coached’ by my upbringing which included the attitude of ‘it’s always [ ]

    Business acumen

    Business acumen

    Pay Yourself First

    MoneyTV guest, Sarah van der Spuy from Acumen speaks about the Golden Rule in the Personal Finance Industry Pay Yourself First.

    Join the free

    Business acumen

    How to be financially free in just 7 weeks

    and get back in control of your money with our free online course.

    Business acumen

    Acumen 2017. The information contained on this website is of a general nature and does not constitute specific business, accounting, financial, taxation or legal advice. For more information read our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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    Business acumen, business acumen.#Business #acumen


    Business acumen

    InterTradeIreland can assist you to source and fund the right people to help you increase your cross-border export sales North or South, right here on the island, to help you improve your knowledge of the market and identify new business opportunities.

    We offer three business support options:

    To qualify for financial support through our Acumen programme ideally your business should be:

    • A manufacturing or a tradable service company with an annual turnover below 40 million (or euro equivalent)
    • A company that employs less than 250 people
    • An indigenous company (not multinational or foreign owned)
    • Committed to the development of new product markets with the potential of job creation
    • A company with an established relationship with a mainstream development agency (Invest Northern Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, dar s na Gaeltachta, a Local Enterprise Office, a Local Enterprise Agency)

    In addition, you should also have:

    • A satisfactory track record in your home market
    • Less than 30% of total business in the target cross-border market already
    • A sufficiently unique product that does not displace existing products in the marketplace
    • A project that can demonstrate that it may not happen without support
    • The capacity (human, financial production) to deliver the project

    Please note that businesses involved in retail, distribution and agriculture are not eligible for assistance under this scheme.


    Typical benefits as a result of the programme include:

    • Access to new markets and increased sales
    • Better knowledge of the cross-border market
    • New business opportunities identified
    • Improvements to your sales and marketing strategy
    • Increased business contacts and prospects across the island

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    Coaching – Manipulative Rhetorik – Marius Jost, business coaching.#Business #coaching

    business coaching

    Management-Coach für persönliche Außenwirkung

    Business coaching

    Wie läuft ein Coaching ab?

    Coaching ist Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe , also ein Prozess, in dem auch Zeit für Entwicklung und Reflektion nötig ist. Der Beratungsprozess richtet sich ganz nach Ihnen und Ihrem Anliegen. Sie behalten immer und zu jeder Zeit das Heft in der Hand, was die Lösungsfindung, die Richtung in die wir gehen und die konkrete Umsetzung Ihrer Lösungen angeht. Ich arbeite nach einem systemischen Ansatz und helfe meinen Klienten durch Fragen und Übungen weiter, die neue Türen öffnen. Meine Wertvorstellungen fußen auf Verlässlichkeit, Vertrauen und strenger Vertraulichkeit.

    Unterschiedliche Beratungsanlässe erfordern sowohl Einfühlungsvermögen als auch Erfahrung bei der

    Methodenwahl. Ich lege hier besonderen Wert auf Transparenz: Bereits bei der Auftragsbesprechung stimmen wir mit Ihnen ab, welche Coaching- oder Trainingsmethoden Sie miteinbeziehen möchten.

    Für das persönliche Coaching sind uns eine sympathische Atmosphäre und absolute Verschwiegenheit besonders

    Coaching – Meine Definition

    Coaching ist die professionelle Beratung, Begleitung und UnterstГјtzung von Personen mit FГјhrungs- /

    Steuerungsfunktionen und von Experten in Organisationen. Zielsetzung von Coaching ist die Weiterentwicklung von

    individuellen oder kollektiven Lern- und Leistungsprozessen bezüglich primär beruflicher Anliegen.

    Je Zeitstunde berechne ich € 200, netto, die Anfahrt nach Belegen bzw. mit 50ct/km.

    Marius Jost, M.Sc., Business-Coach

    Irina Meyer, Sekretariat

    We offer coaching in German and English. Don’t heitate to mention your preferred language.

    Wer kann von einem Coaching profitieren?

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    ZAWYA – Middle East s trusted source of business & financial news, business investment.#Business

    business investment

    Business investment

    Louvre Abu Dhabi

    In Abu Dhabi, France’s Macron says must remain firm with Iran

    UAE leaders and President Macron open Louvre Abu Dhabi

    Business investment

    Dubai Airshow 2017

    Boeing sees steady Gulf demand, interest in mid-sized jet

    Pentagon’s chief buyer wants to speed up foreign arms sales

    Business investment

    GCC gears up for VAT

    All food items to be taxed under VAT in surprise move

    Businesses in UAE need to register for VAT within weeks

    Business investment

    Saudi Transformation

    Saudi Aramco signs engineering and construction deals worth $4.5bln

    Saudi king appoints 30 judges, promotes 26 amid anti-graft purge

    Business investment

    Qatar tensions

    Qatar affiliate selling $1.46bln stake in India’s Bharti Airtel- term sheet

    Qatar Airways seeks to create a virtual mega carrier with deals- CEO

    Business investment

    Trump & the Middle East

    Trump praises Saudi purge, voices confidence in King, Crown Prince

    Qatar emir says open to Trump-hosted talks over Gulf crisis: CBS

    Business investment

    World Green Energy Summit 2017

    Public-private partnerships need to be fair or face failure

    Region needs green bonds to fund renewable schemes, says bank project finance head

    Market data

    Powered by Thomson Reuters EIKON


    Business investment

    currencies Dollar weakened by worries over delay to hoped-for cut in U.S. company taxes

    Business investment

    bonds Lebanon dollar bonds slammed again by rising regional tensions

    Business investment

    Bullish oil and tight supply lift Asian spot LNG market

    Business investment

    ‘Kuwait working on plan to deal with rise in commodity prices’

    Oil markets stable, but analysts expect high volatility ahead

    Lebanon November Eurobond issue likely postponed due to political crisis

    Saudi Aramco expects to boost capital spending by about 10%

    Zawya Express

    My Salaam: Saudi ads, Palestinian start-ups and the Louvre Abu Dhabi

    My Salaam covers fashion, food, travel, culture, entertainment and personalities that shape and affect the lives and lifestyles of young Muslims around the world. Here we take a look at the best stories of the week.


    Business investment

    retail Egypt’s Imtenan enjoys healthy success


    Business investment

    France’s Macron treads fine line in Iran-Saudi minefield

    French business interests on both sides of Gulf

    Business investment

    Dubai Airshow – Middle East tensions loom over aerospace pageant

    Defence spending remains priority

    Business investment

    A house divided: How Saudi Crown Prince purged royal family rivals

    Prince wants to reform country, cut oil dependence

    Business investment

    Iran’s Revolutionary Guards arrest more dual nationals

    New trend as majority of those arrested have citizenship in Europe

    Business investment

    Saudi reopens Lebanon front in struggle with Iran

    Riyadh blaming Hezbollah for resignation of Lebanon’s PM

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